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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

Land Valttes and Rewts

Land Valttes and Rewts.

I repeat my contention at Wanganui that the increase in rent is mainly due to increase in unimproved value of City lands. The statement above given fixes page 5 rent at 11s per week, but that is in chrischurch where rents are lower than in Wellington. I instanced Wellington and said that the unimproved value of the lands within the City boundaries had increased about 200 per cent. Apply this to a piece of land necessary for a worker's home suppose it cost £80 in 1890. it would with this increase cost. £240 in 1907. I find that about £240 is about the average cost price of the land upon which aftor 5 roomed cottage can be built in Wellington now. Rent must be paid on this increase, and converted at 5 per cent. it is equal to over 3s per week.