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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 80a

Objects [and Consitution]

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National Association of New Zealand

(Otago Section).

The Objects of the Association are:
1.To promote reforms—economic, legislative, and constitutional; to protest against undue interference with the rights and liberties of the subject; and to oppose class legislation.
2.To promote such legislation as will encourage bona fide settlement of the lands of the Colony under either freehold or leasehold tenure.
3.To show the fallacy of the principle that labour and capital are antagonistic.
4.To secure prosperity and confidence, by opposing all experimental legislation, which tends to check the legitimate use of capital, causing it to be locked up or withdrawn from the country, to the detriment of employer and employee.
5.To promote agricultural, mining, commercial, and manufacturing enterprise, by removing all unnecessary obstacles to their development.
6.To show the unfairness of laws so framed that the industrious and thrifty are hampered.
7.To promote sound political economy; and to educate public opinion in the right direction, by disseminating literature giving sound reasons and arguments for our beliefs.
8.To register all members, and purge the Electoral Roll.
9.To return to Parliament Capable and Honorable Men, who will uphold the public credit, and whose aim will not be individual gain, but the welfare of the whole Colony.
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Constitution of the National Association of New Zealand

(Otago Section).

1.The members of the Association shall consist of all those persons who shall assent to the objects of the Association, sign the prescribed form of application, pay an Entrance Fee of one shilling, and an Annual Subscription of one shilling and upwards, and be duly admitted by the Council.
2.Candidates for membership shall sign an application form, pay the necessary fees, and shall be elected by the Council at its next meeting after the application.
3.The funds of the Association shall consist of—Members' Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription, and Voluntary Donations.
4.The business of the Association shall be conducted by a Council consisting of twenty members and the Treasurer, who shall, within 14 days after the Annual General Meeting in October, elect one of their number as President, and two as Vice-Presidents.
5.The five members of the Council who shall have been longest in office shall retire annually in rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election. Fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting of members a Ballot of the Council shall be taken to determine the rotation of retirement when length of service is equal as between more than five members. Vacancies caused by annual retirement shall be filled up by the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting to be held in October each year. Casual vacancies shall be filled up by the Council.
6.The Council shall have full power to make provision for carrying out the objects of the Association; to make and alter such rules and regulations for the management of the Association as it may think fit; to arrange for its own meetings and meetings of the Association, and for the conduct of such meetings; and to give such direction, and take such steps as shall be final in all matters connected with the Association and its Branches. Seven members of the Council shall be a quorum.
7.The Council shall hold quarterly meetings, to which Delegates, elected by the various branches, shall be invited.
8.A meeting of members of the Association shall be held annually in October, and at any other time the Council may determine.
9.The Council shall at any time, upon the request of twenty members, call a General Meeting of the Association. Seven days' notice shall be given, by circular or advertisement, to convene any meeting of members.

Bye-Laws re Constitution of Branches.

1.In places where any members of the Association reside, such members shall constitute the members of the local Branch, and shall have power to admit new members who sign the prescribed form of application, pay an Entrance Fee of one shilling and an Annual Subscription of one shilling and upwards.
2.In places where no members of the Association at present reside, the Council may take such steps as it may think fit to organise a Branch.
3.Branches shall have power to make bye-laws, and shall annually elect their own officers, subject in all cases to confirmation by the Council.
4.Branches shall also elect annually a Delegate to represent them at the quarterly meetings of the Council, in accordance with Rule No. 7 of the Constitution.
5.Branches shall report to the Council at least once in every three months; and shall transmit copies of all resolutions agreed to by them, and returns of members admitted, and of all resignations and changes of residence.
6.Each Branch shall collect the Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription of such of its members as are not members of the Dunedin Branch, and shall transmit half the amount to the Council for the general purposes of the Association.
7.Members of Branches shall have the right to vote in the election of the General Council of the Association, and shall be eligible for nomination as members of the Council.
8.Nominations for the Council from Branches must be lodged with the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting in October, with the signatures of the proposers appended.
9.No public announcement shall be made, as in the name of the Association, by any Branch, unless by the authority of the Council.