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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Secular Education Defence Leag

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Secular Education Defence [unclear: Leag]


The object of the League is to maintain a purely [unclear: secul] system of education in the State schools of the Dominion.


The League proposes to attain its object by:—
(a)Educating public opinion in the principles of [unclear: t] League.
(b)Securing the co-operation of societies formed [unclear: a] the same purpose.
(c)Defending teachers when their position is [unclear: unji] rendered insecure by reason of religious [unclear: diffei] or sectarian influence.


Anyone can become a member of the League by paying [unclear: the] minimum annual subscription of one shilling.

The League's Affirmations.

The League affirms:—
(1)That it will resist any attempt to interfere with [unclear: o] purely secular system of State education.
(2)That in matters of religion strict neutrality is [unclear: the] only just attitude that a State can assume tor its citizens.
(3)That to introduce any form of religious [unclear: instruction] into our State system of education would be [unclear: debut] mental to the best interests of the schools, [unclear: leadi] to sectarian strife among the children, and [unclear: imp] ing a religious test upon the teachers.
(4)That to determine the question of religious [unclear: instru] tion, or Bible-reading, in schools by means [unclear: of] referendum would be absolutely subversive of the neutrality of the State in matters of religion.
(5)That the Nelson system, even if it be within [unclear: the] letter of the Education Act, is an ingenious [unclear: evas] of its real spirit and intent, and that the [unclear: League] will oppose this innovation.
(6)That the League is strongly opposed to the [unclear: introduction] of the New South Wales text-book into [unclear: the] State schools of the Dominion.

Officers of the League.

President: John Gammell, Esq., B.A., Seatoun [unclear: Heights] Wellington.

Secretaries: Dr. T. A. Black and Henry Joosten, [unclear: Esq] [unclear: E] Wellington.

Treasurer: Professor Mackenzie, Wellington.