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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Single Electorates a Bar

Single Electorates a Bar.

For many years past in England [unclear: and] elsewhere efforts have been made get over or to minimise the [unclear: gross] Justice of the present system. [unclear: Various] devices have been adopted, which [unclear: I] not now pause to describe; but all, [unclear: so] have proved failures, In New [unclear: Zealand] almost the first thing we did, [unclear: when] "Democracy came in to its [unclear: own,"] to establish the "single [unclear: constituen] device, from which it was [unclear: hoped] results in the direction of true [unclear: report] sentation would follow. In [unclear: reality,] more conservative measure, or [unclear: one] ter calculated to create, [unclear: foster,] perpetuate individual [unclear: selfishness] petty local feeling, utterly destructive the building up of a great [unclear: nation.] which the people should govern, [unclear: in] govern with purity, has ever [unclear: been] upon our statute books. As [unclear: long] single electorates are [unclear: continued,] a non-national spirit cultivated, [unclear: the] best men in the community—the [unclear: this] ing workers—must continue to find [unclear: then] selves as voters nearly always [unclear: be] on the poll, and numbers of the [unclear: most] capable candidates who are [unclear: willing] serve their country must continue [unclear: to] ostracised from "Parliament. [unclear: The] who "sees visions and dreams [unclear: dream] for the benefaction of his [unclear: country] at large must continue on the [unclear: police] day to go down before the [unclear: stuning] beggar who is willing to proceed [unclear: on] annual foraging expedition to [unclear: the] of government for the [unclear: aggrandisement] the few who have chosen him for [unclear: him] venality or his stupidity, An [unclear: exemption] of the electoral returns of [unclear: as] general election will go far to [unclear: person] that the doctrine that this [unclear: county] is worked electorally under a law [unclear: while] page 3 provides for its government being moulded by or bused upon the will of he people is absolutely delusive; and will further convince that to believe or [unclear: promulgate] such as 'statement is to practice an arrant self-deceit or to seek to palm off a huge imposition upon a credulous public mind too ignorant or too indifferent to discover or challenge the fraud.