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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

The Real Evil

The Real Evil.

The real cause of our trouble, I believe, is to be found in the fact that under our present system representation of the people in any true sense is not being obtained at all. We have grown up worshipping that fetish handed down to us For centuries past by our fathers. "Majority rules," whereas personal representation in Parliament down to the smallest fraction of people possible is the right of all. Majority rule in a deliberate assembly is reasonable, convenient, and necessary, but such a rule in the election of the deliberating body of the people possesses none of these three qualities.

If Parliament is to be a mirror of the mind of the nation, it is of the first importance that the whole nation, as far as may be, shall be represented; and that, since every man cannot present in person, every man shall able to point to some one man in parliament as his representative. To [unclear: the] tend that this personal a[unclear: represent] is not a right inherent in [unclear: freemen] democratic countries, or to [unclear: argue] inasmuch as a majority must [unclear: rule,] minority must go unrepresented, [unclear: is] reality to contend that [unclear: Government] be by a minority. Parliament, let [unclear: it] assumed, represents the [unclear: majority] the voters of the country who [unclear: has] voted, but a majority of the [unclear: Parliament] rules the legislature and [unclear: assumes] Government.