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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79



Electors of Eden, it is because I this I [unclear: this] can be of assistance in bringing [unclear: about] a pure state of political affairs, in [unclear: which] members shall not "give up to [unclear: past] what was meant for mankind"; [unclear: because] I seek a more satisfactory [unclear: system] theoretic and administrative [unclear: government] and because I wish to form one [unclear: of] resolute hand of men now arising, [unclear: detail] mined upon such ends, that I ask [unclear: you] elect me as your representative this address it would have been [unclear: more] Accordance with the present day [unclear: practice] of politicians if I had treated of [unclear: true] or personal things. Believing there in Eden a constituency superior to [unclear: some] vote-catching devices, I have, [unclear: ventured] confine myself to matters of [unclear: higer] importance, greater issues, larger [unclear: to] and rely upon your sound sense to recognize that my ideas, however [unclear: impe] submitted to you, are in the main that which all patriotic New [unclear: Zealand] should strive after and support win this election is not a matter of [unclear: the] importance to me; it is of great [unclear: impereance], in as much as success or [unclear: non-stop] decides the field of my activities [unclear: dm] the remainder of life. But it is of highest importance that if elected I [unclear: sa] go as your "representative," and [unclear: no] a mere "delegate." Upon my principle and such measure of good repute [unclear: a] possess, you must elect me [unclear: In] matters I will be found diligent, greater matters consistent, in all [unclear: fa] ful. I ask you to choose wisely then trust largely, assured that [unclear: in] you will possess a representative [unclear: act] by singleness of purpose, [unclear: freedom] personal ends, active in [unclear: thought] habits, and honest in my desire to [unclear: se]

With confidence I leave [unclear: myself] your hands.

Yours truly,

William J. [unclear: Speigh]