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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

The Liquor Question

The Liquor Question.

To all old residents in the Eden [unclear: district] it ought to be, and I am sure is, [unclear: unnece-] page break [unclear: sary] to formulated my position in relation [unclear: to] this matter, but for others it may be [unclear: needed]. From my youth up, I have been [unclear: identified] in my humble way, in public [unclear: and] in private, with the movement for [unclear: the] extirpation of a traffic which I hold [unclear: responsible] for a large proportion of the misery which afflicts humanity. In Bands of Hope, Temperance Societies, political organisations, and in private [unclear: life] and practice, I have been associated in one way or other with this reform [unclear: during] my whole life. Preaching the practice of abstinence from liquor, assisting in Parliament in the passing of such legislation as was at the time possible to curb the traffic, working hand in hand with those who in later years have striven, and with a large measure of success obtain from the people, under a difficult law, such a vote as would gradually wipe out the trade, I to-day stand with those who are demanding from Parliament recognition of the right of the people an equal-value vote to deal and for all with the great bar to the nationn's health, wealth and morality. To assist towards this end is one of the main reasons for my again seeking a seat in Parliament, and I have chosen to ask the electors of Eden to send me there because of the consonance of my views with theirs upon this all important matter will you so send me? Will your votes upon the liquor question coincide with your vote for your member? I firmly believe they will, and that a few weeks hence Eden will have added one more voice and vote in Parliament to the [unclear: resolute] band of men already there, intent [unclear: on] releasing the throat of the nation [unclear: from] the cruel grip of a debasing and [unclear: ruinous] tyranny, by means of an equal-[unclear: vale] vote cast by the people.