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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

The Associate Course

page 12

The Associate Course.

"In view of the great tax it would make on the energies of youths fully engaged in business to attain the degree, the Auckland University College Council decided to institute a course of study for their special benefit; a course which, while not so severe, covers much the same ground, and will help those undertaking it greatly in their after commercial life. This course was established three years ago, and entitles the student passing it to a certificate of Associate of the School of Commerce. It covers a course of two years, and to gain the certificate it is not necessary for the student I to matriculate. It embraces six subjects, three of which may be taken each year. These subjects are:—
3.One modern language (commercially treated).
4.Commercial Law.
5.Commercial Geography.
6.Currency and Banking.

"It is a good all-round course of study, a study which would acquaint any young man engaged in a commercial house here with an intelligent following of the principles of finance and economics which are the basis of his business. Last year about 40 students were engaged in the various classes connected with this course of study, but the School is in a very primitive way yet, and we are very anxious to have the aid and interest of all associated with this I Chamber of Commerce to help us along. 'There is no royal road to learning.' That is a true saying, and unless our young men are I prepared to take up these studies, and sacrifice some hours of their I leisure and pleasure, they will not succeed. Young men, however, I need and deserve encouragement, and I appeal to members of the Chamber to urge their employees to take up this work. In doing so, I wish to say how gratified I am by the motion carried to-night, which shows how you, as a Chamber, have interested yourselves in this great educational work. It can be furthered by encouraging your employees to take up this course and by clearly showing that you value the certificate. As I said before, education may not be I the only requisite in business, but, all things considered, I ask you, when you are making promotions and advancements in salary, to help us by recognising the holders of these certificates. Your proposal to found two annual scholarships of £10 will help us greatly. I might say that the fees and books for a year's study for the Associate Course at the School cost, on an average, between £4 and £5, and the scholarships would pay for these, and be ample encouragement to study and to take up this work.

page 13

"I look forward to the day when, either through the liberality of the University, or, better still, through the generosity of some of our wealthy merchants, there shall be established a 'Commercial Travelling Scholarship,' on the lines of the Medical Travelling Scholarship, which was instituted by the University Senate last year. This scholarship is granted to the best qualified medical candidate of the year, and entitles him to the receipt of £150 for one year. The Orient Steamship Company, and the Union Steamship Company generously provide the scholar with a free passage to and from England. Such a scholarship, for enabling the most distinguished commercial student of each year to travel in some foreign country and report upon the prospect of trade developments, would surely be of very great benefit to the commercial community in this country.