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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79


A General meeting of members of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce was held in the Chamber Rooms, Swanson Street, on Wednesday evening, October 19, when Dr. W. C. W. McDowell delivered a highly important address upon "The Functions of the School of Commerce." The public being cordially invited to attend, and members of the Chamber being specially requested to urge the clerical members of their staffs to be present, as well as to attend themselves, there was a large attendance, upwards of 50 gentlemen being present. The President of the Chamber, Mr. J. H. Gunson, presided.

The Chairman, in the course of a few introductory remarks, said that, as those present were aware, the Executive of the Chamber had had under their consideration for some time past the advisability of doing something financially to further the work which the School of Commerce had now in hand. The Executive felt that if the Chamber was to worthily uphold itself in this direction, it must do something more than had been done in the past, and at the meeting held a quarter of an hour previously had presented the following amendment to the Constitution:—Resolved, that the Constitution and Rules of the Chamber be amended by the addition at the end of Clause 2 of the following:—

"The Chamber shall also have power to take steps to improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged in, or who desire or are about to engage in commerce or in any industry, and with a view thereto to provide for the delivery of lectures and the holding of classes, and to test by examination or otherwise the competence of such persons, and to award Certificates and Distinctions, and to institute and establish Scholarships, Grants, Rewards, and other benefactions, and to use and apply the funds of the Chamber accordingly."

This was adopted. The Executive felt that if the future of the City commercially was to be what it should, that those embarking on commercial lives should receive a sound commercial education, page 4 which hitherto had not been afforded, and that this was sufficient to justify the Chamber in establishing two scholarships as was now proposed. He had no need to introduce Dr. McDowell to them, that gentleman being a member of their Council and having addressed them before; he would call upon him to deliver his address.