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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Invercargill Report

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Invercargill Report

The second year since the establishment of the Association in Invercargill has been one of no marked achievement, but of steady progress. The annual meeting was held on April 17, 1916, and the following officers were elected to fill executive positions during the year:


  • Dr. D. E. Hansen.


  • Mr. Oliver Duff and Mr. J. S. Barnett.

Secretary and Treasurer:

  • Mr. G. A. Froggatt.


  • Mrs. M. J. Forde. Miss M. Wilson, M.A., Miss Teviotdale, Mr. J. Dow, Mr. J. H. McKinney, Mr. A. Philpott, and Mr. R. N. Ridd.

This committee was strengthened by the addition of five members representing affiliated unions, viz: A.S.R.S., Mr. T. Clark; N.Z. Educational Institute, Mr. Jas. Hain; Tailors' Union, Mr. J. Hurrall; Tramways' Union, Mr. W. Denham, Typographical Union, Mr. H. J. Farrant. The president was elected to represent this branch on the joint committee of the Otago W.E.A. and the Otago University.


The classes conducted were the same as in the previous year, viz.: Economics and Literature, and, though the actual roll numbers have been smaller, the average attendances have been grater than in 1915. For Economics nineteen students enrolled, and the average attendance was 8.1 during the session. The Literature Class attracted twenty students, and in this subject the average attendance was 9.1. In each subject a full course of twenty-four classes have been held.


Mr. O. Duff, B.A., undertook the duties of tutor in literature; but the pressure of military duties rendered it necessary for him to resign early in the session, and the Association was fortunate in securing the services of Miss M. H. King, M.A., to carry on page 31 the work. Mr. Jas. Henry had charge of the Economics Class throughout the session. Both tutors report that a lively interest was displayed by the students in the classes, the discussions being keen and the number of essays satisfactory. Some of the students particularly did noteworthy work in the production of essays, and on occasions the discussions were carried on till long after the ordinary time for closing the classes. The Association is indebted to the tutors for consenting to undertake such arduous work in addition to their ordinary professional duties.


For the benefit of students in the economic class, the Association imported a number of copies of Gide's "Political Economy," and sold the majority to students. This has enabled them to carry on their home studies with some degree of success. Most of the books prescribed for the Literature Class were obtainable locally, so that in this respect the difficulties of the previous year have largely been overcome. A supply of books to serve as a reference library in Economics has been on order for more than twelve months; but owing to misadventure these are not yet to hand. The Association has also gratefully to record a donation of £10 from Mr. Oliver Duff. This sum has been set aside to purchase books of reference for the use of students attending the Literature Class, so that at some time in the session of 1917, the students of both classes should have recourse to a small but useful library.

Public Lectures.

A public lecture was delivered in the Victoria Hall under the auspices of the Association by Professor H. B. Bedford, Professor of Economics in Otago University, to a good audience. The subject, "Some Economic Aspects of the War," was a timely one and undoubtedly helped to create interest in the work of the classes. The Association is of the opinion that several lectures of this kind should be arranged, if possible, each session.


The only social event of the year was a water picnic held at Moko-Moke, in conjunction with the Naturalists' Society; but this was an undoubted success. An indoor social evening has also been decided upon to be held at an early date.


The Association desires to place on record its appreciation of the services rendered by three members who have assisted materially in establishing its classes, viz., Mr. O. Duff and Mr. J. C. Dale, both of whom have left Invercargill, and Mr. G. A. Froggatt, who leaves shortly on active service. All three have