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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79



  • Dr. Chas. Chilton. Professor of Biology. Canterbury College.


  • Mr. L. G. Whitehead, M.A.

Minute Secretary:

  • Mr. E. J. Howard.

Class Secretaries:

  • Economics Class[gap — ]Mr. J. W. Twoomey.
  • Psychology Class[gap — ]Mr. C. L. Walker.
  • Study Circle[gap — ]Mr. J. W. McCullough.
  • Librarian[gap — ]Mr. F. R. Smith.


  • 102 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

District Council:

  • Mr. H. Worrall[gap — ]Trades Council.
  • Mr. T. Ford[gap — ]A.S. Carpenters' Union.
  • Mr. E. J. Howard[gap — ]General Labourers' Union.
  • Mr. D. Williamson[gap — ]Canterbury Drivers' Union.
  • Mr. G. S. Whyte[gap — ]Canterbury Carpenters' Union.
  • Mrs. Page[gap — ]Canterbury Women's Institute.
  • Mr. E. Jones[gap — ]Painters' Union.
  • Mr. J. Barlow[gap — ]Furniture Trades' Union.
  • Mr. J. E. Purchase[gap — ]Canterbury Teachers' Institute.
  • Mr. J. Flood[gap — ]Lyttelton Waterside Workers' Union.
  • Mr. P. Hennessy[gap — ]Coal and Timber Yard Union.
  • Mr. J. Jones[gap — ]Bricklayers' Union.
  • Mr. H. W. McKeown[gap — ]Addingtou A.S.R.S.
  • Mr. J. W. Twoomey[gap — ]Economics Class.
  • Mr. L. C. Walker[gap — ]Psychology Class.
  • Mr. G. Anderson[gap — ]Plumbers' Union.
  • Mr. A. McGeorge[gap — ]Engine Drivers' Union.
  • Mr. F. Cartwright[gap — ]Primers' Machinists' Union.page 21
  • Mr. F. C. Mann[gap — ]Amalgamated Society of Engineers.
  • Mr. J. MeCullough[gap — ]Riccarton Study Circle.
  • Mr. W. J. Faro[gap — ]Sydenham Carpenters' Union
  • Mr. Arthur[gap — ]Engineers' Union (No. 2).
  • Mr. F. Ellis[gap — ]Freezing Works Union.
  • Mr. W. Taylor[gap — ]Bootmakers' Union.

University Joint Committee of W.E.A.

  • Dr. Chas. Chilton. Dr. Hight. Mr. H. D. Acland. Mr. Christie. Mr. E. J. Howard. Mr. L. G. Whitehead (Hon. Sec.)


  • Economics Class[gap — ]Mr. .J. B. Condliffe. M.A.
  • Psychology Class[gap — ]Mr. L. G. Whitehead. M.A.
  • Economic Study Circle[gap — ]Mr. D. B. Copland. M.A.
page 22

In submitting the second annual report of the W.E.A. movement in Christchurch, we have to express our satisfaction that the Association has been able to maintain all its activities and has been able to extend its work. This is all the more gratifying when we take into consideration the fact that our Nation at large, and New Zealand in particular, have been passing through the most strenuous period of their history, a period during which the activities of the community have been almost exclusively taken up with the prosecution of the great War.