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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Workers' Educational Association

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Workers' Educational Association.


  • Professor T. A. Hunter.

Hon. Secretary:

  • Mr. D. Stanley Smith, P.O. Box, 83. Wellington.

Assistant Secretary:

  • Mr. F. Cornwell. Trades Hall. Wellington.

Hon. Treasurer:

  • Mr. J. McKenzie, Trades Hall. Wellington.

Joint Tutorial Class Committee:

  • Representing Victoria University College—Mr. Clement Watson (chairman). Professor T. A. Hunter; Mr. T. R. Fleming, M.A.; Mr. F. P. Wilson, M.A.
  • Representing Workers" Educational Association—Mr. J. McKenzie, Mr. H. J. Willis, Mr. M. J. Reardon, Mr. G. Ward.

Affiliated Organizations:

  • A.S.R.S[gap — ]Mr. M. J. Mack.
  • Aerated Water and Brewery mployees[gap — ]F. Cornwell.
  • Carpenters' union (three branches) J. Barras, C. Gardiner. W. Maddison.[gap — ]
  • Economic Class[gap — ]W. Wiles.
  • Electrical Workers' Union[gap — ]W. Wells.
  • General Labourers' Union[gap — ]M. J. Reardon.
  • Grocers' Union[gap — ]H. Lingard.
  • Hotel Workers' Union[gap — ]H. O'Malley.
  • Metal Workers' Union[gap — ]E. Kennedy.
  • Painters' Union[gap — ]G. Ridge.
  • Plasterers' Union[gap — ]L. Rearden.
  • Printers' Machinists' Union[gap — ]R. H. Hustler.
  • S.D.P[gap — ]G. Ward.
  • Tailors' Union[gap — ]D. Scott.
  • Teachers' Institute (Women)[gap — ]Miss N. Coad.
  • Teachers' Union (Men)[gap — ]W. Foster.
  • Trades and Labour Council[gap — ]J. McKenzie.
  • Tramways Union[gap — ]A. Christeson.
  • Typographical Union[gap — ]H. J. Crews.
  • V.U.C. Students" Association[gap — ]G. G. G. Watson.
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During the past year the Wellington Centre has not only held its own but has extended the sphere of its operations. In spite of the absorption in the war of all members of the community and the restrictions on the Association's field of work caused by the enlistment of many men, the Association has nevertheless been able to present the advantages of the education which it can offer in such a way as to induce workers in different parts of Wellington Province to form additional classes. The new classes formed are as follows:—
  • English—Railway Workers, Wellington City;
  • Industrial Law—Wellington City;
  • Economics—Palmerston North.

and two Study Circles have been formed in Wellington City in History and Sociology.

The following Tables show the classes at present carried on under the auspices of the Wellington Centre and the statistical record of the work of last year:—

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Place. Subject. Tutor. Address. Secretary. Session. Wellington City Economics Prof. Hunter V.U. College, Wellington Mr. F. Cornwell, Trades Hall, Win Second Session. Class meets 7.30, 9.30 p.m. Y.M.C.A. Building. Wellington City English Literature Mr. W. H. Foster. M.A. Oriental Bay Kiosk, Wgtn. Mr. D. M. Banks, 89 Brougham St. Wellington Second Session. Class meets Mondays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., W.E.A. class room, Wgtn. Wellinton City Theory of electricity Mr. P. W. Burbidge, M.Sc. Mr. C. E. Collins, Telephone Ench. Wellington Second Session. Class meets Tuesdays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., V.U. College, Wgtn. Petone Economics Mr. F. P. Wilson, M.A. V. U. College, Wellington Mr. W. Seddon, 23 Beach Street, Petone. First Session. Class meets Saturdays, district High School Bldgs., Petone. Plamerston Nth Economics Mr. B. E. Murphy M.A., LL.B. Solfeltor, Feilding Mr. W. R. Birnie 43 Rangitkel St., Palmerston Nth First Session, Palmerston Nth, Technical Schl.

University Tutorial Classes

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Place. Subject. Tutor. Address. Secretary. Session. Wellington City Railway Workers English Mr. W. H. Foster, M.A Oriental Bay Kiosk, Wgtn. First Session. Class meets Mondays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., Railway Rooms, Wgtn. Wellington City Industrial Law Mr. G. G. G. WATSON, M.A., LL.B. V.U. College. Wellington Mr. T. Eagle. Berhampore. First Session. Class meets Thursdays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., Labour Secret'ys Office, Wellington.

Preliminary Classes

Place. Subject. Leader. Address. Secretary. Session. Wellington City History Mr. W. H. Foster, M.A. Kiosk, Wgtn First Session at W.E.A. Rooms, Wellington. Wellington City Sociology Prof. Hunter V.U. College, Wellington First Session at V.U. College. Wellington.

Study Circles

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English Class. Tutorial. Economics Class. Tutorial. Electricity Class. Tutorial. Economics Petone. Tutorial. Economics Palmerston Nth. Tutorial. Stage of Subject Second Year Second Year Second Year First Year First Year Duration of Course 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years No. of Effective Students 20 30 21 20 28 No. of First Year Students 12 8 20 28 No. of Second Year Students 8 22 Avge. Attendance 11.2 21.4 13 10 14 No. of Meetings 25 24 26 25 24 No. of Essays Set 12 12 12 5 No. of Essays Sent in 65 *33 31 15 *Second Half Only

Table of Class Statistics

page 15
The following comment is taken from the General Report of the Tutorial Class Committee to the Victoria university College Council:

"Naturally the work of all classes has been greatly affected by the war. We believe that from every class some students have enlisted and others have been called upon to undertake duties that have interfered with class work. In addition three of the classes have had the continuity of their study affected by a change of tutor. Considering the disabilities under which the classes work at present, the Committee considers that a good year's work has been done, a very fair measure of enthusiasm has been maintained—as is evidenced by the fact that some classes have voluntarily undertaken some special work during the summer vacation in preparation for the session of 1917."

It may seem to some readers of this report that the average attendance and the number of essays are lower than they ought to be. It must be remembered, however, that in these times the attendance and work of a class are liable to be interfered with by change of tutor, by change of residence, by the call of men to the camp, by overtime, etc. Many attendances and half-completed essays thus fail to figure in the class records. Under the present difficult conditions it is surprising how much enthusiasm and effort have been forthcoming, and it would be a great loss to the community if, for any reason, the classes were not maintained.


At the last general meeting it was resolved that the sub-committees of the Central Council be abolished and that the Central Council itself should control the different departments of the Association's work. This scheme was adopted and has been found fairly satisfactory. A further step in organisation was taken within the last few months, when a small committee was appointed to meet and prepare the business for the Central Council.

The A.S.R.S. found that it could no longer allow the Association the use of its room, and after much investigation the Central Council accordingly took a room in Featherston Street at 10s. per week. This room has since served as the Central Room of the Association and has been available by classes and members of the Association when required.

Public Lectores.

Only one public lecture was arranged during the past year. It was generally felt that the concentration of attention on the war left little scope for public lectures at the present time. The lecture, which was given by Professor Kirk of Victoria Uni- page 16 versity College, on "The Fly," took place in the Concert Chamber of the Town Hall and was very well attended. The Central Council heartily thanks Professor Kirk for his instructive lecture.

Provincial Classes.

Requests have been made from New Plymouth and Napier for the establishment of classes in those towns, and steps have been taken to attain this end. If the money is available it appears quite feasible to establish classes in these towns during the ensuing: year.

So far nothing has resulted from the efforts which were made last year to establish classes in Masterton and Wanganui. In both places the response was not sufficient to justify the establishment of a tutorial class.


The work of the classes for the session closed with a successful social evening held in the Burlington Tea Rooms, Lama-ton Quay, on November 18th, 1916. The gathering was very successful in every respect and showed with what enthusiasm the members of the classes regard the work of the W.B.A.


The Wellington Central Council acknowledges its indebtedness again this year to the N.Z. University Senate for the gram of £300 which was placed at the disposal of the Victoria University College Council for the purposes of tutorial classes.

Sir Joseph Ward received a deputation from the Central Council requesting a grant in aid of the funds of the Association. Although his reply was sympathetic the Central Council was subsequently informed that the Cabinet could not see its way to make a grant this year. In view of the work of the Association we think the decision of Cabinet is greatly to be regretted.

The thanks of the Association are heartily given to the Wellington City Council for the continuance of its financial grant of £100, and to the Palmerston North Borough Council for its grant of £50 towards the cost of the Palmerston North tutorial class. These grants have been of the greatest assistance to the work of the Association. The Central Council thanks also those individuals who contributed to the funds, and it believes that the work done during the year has justified the support given.

Macarthy Trust

An application was made to the Macarthy Trustees for funds but it appears that the application was delivered too late to enable the trustees to consider whether an lalocation could be made to the Association for the past year. An application will page 17 be forwarded in good time for a grant from the Macarthy funds for the ensuing year.


The Central Council records its appreciation of the services rendered by those who acted as chairmen and organisers in connection with the various meetings held under the auspices of the W.E.A. The Central Council also thanks the Y.M.C.A. and the Committee of the District High School, Petone, for the use of their class rooms free of charge save for the cost of lighting and heating; the Authorities of Victoria University College for the free use of the College Library for the students of the Tutorial Classes; the Trades and Labour Council for the use of the Trades Hall building for the meetings of the Central Council; the Drivers' Union for the use of its room for the Industrial law Class; and the Press of the city, which has consistently supported the movement by giving publicity to the work of the Association. The thanks of the Association are also given to the authorities of the Municipal Library for the facilities given to the W.E.A. students in the use of that Library.

On the occasion of the Secretary's enlistment, the following motion was passed by the Central Council, and it was directed that it should be printed in the Annual Report:—

"That the Central Council of the W.E.A. (Wellington Branch) desires to place on record its high appreciation of the voluntary labours of Mr. D. Stanley Smith, to whom, as one of the founders, and first Secretary of the W.E.A., the success of the movement in Wellington is mainly due. That the Council sincerely regrets that, owing to his enlistment, his valuable services will be lost to the W.E.A. in the meantime, but it trusts that good fortune will attend him and that on his return the W.E.A. may again benefit by his labours."

Alterations to Constitution.

The Central Council has decided to recommend the annual meeting to amend the constitution so as to make the financial year close on the 31st October instead of the 31st December. This will enable the annual meeting of the Association to be held at the end of each year instead of at the beginning of the next year. If the proposal is adopted the time and place of the annual general meeting and the time when the statement of accounts and the annual report must be ready must be changed.


We may repeat what we said last year: that if the war does not interfere too much with the activity of the classes, each class may look forward to a very successful year.

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RECEIPTS. £ s. d. Cuan at Bank, 31/1/16 ........ 71 8 8 Cash in Hand ........................ 2 7 5 Affiliation Fees ........................ Grant from City Council .... Private Donations ................ Sale of Text Books and Subscriptions to "Highway" Wellington Economics Class—Funds in trust ............ W.E.A. Club Donation ............ £ s. d. 73 16 1 18 18 0 100 0 0 2 12 0 22 3 O 9 0 0 1 14 9 £228 3 10 EXPENDITURE. Tutors' Fees— Petone Class .................. Preliminary English Class ............................ Industrial Law Class Rent............................ Lighting and Cleaning W.E.A.. London, "Highway" Books, Etc..................... Wellington Quota Printing Dominion Report .......... Advertising ........................... Petty Cash .......................... Blackboard ......................... Audit Fee................................ Carting and Rail Charges Stationery Typing.................................... Hire of Lantern for Pr Kirk's Lecture ................ Bank Charges ...................... Cash at Bank Cash in Hand £ s. d. 25 0 0 25 0 0 25 0 0 75 0 0 24 14 3 4 12 10 29 7 1 26 12 2 7 11 1 5 13 0 2 16 6 1 15 6 1 11 6 1 10 8 1 10 0 1 9 0 1 5 0 0 10 0 12 8 2 69 0 2 2 12 2 71 12 4 £228 3 10

Statement of Receipts and Expenditure from 31st January, 1916, to 15 February, 1917

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ASSETS. Cash at Bank....................... LESS Unpresented Cheques Cash in Hand Chairs ................................... Lesa 10 p.c. Depreciation Blackboard ....................... Rooks— 70 Ashley's Text Book 4 Gide's ....................... 4 Electrical Class ... Receipt Book ........... £ s. d. 80 15 2 11 16 0 6002212251800111010 10 0 1 4 0 0 18 0 1 7 0 £ s. d. 71 12 4 5 6 2 1 15 6 13 19 0 £92 13 0 LIABILITIES. £ s. d. W.E.A.. London ........................ Tutorial Class Committee on A/c of Peton class Wellington Economics Class —Funds in Trust Excess Assets over Liabilities, 31st Jan., 1916 Deduct Loss on Year's Working £ s. d. 5 14 7 50 0 0 60 0 8 32 2 3 £ s. d. 55 14 7 9 0 0 27 18 5 £92 13 0 AUDITOR'S CERTIFICATE. I have audited the above Balance-sheet, dated 15th February, 1917, and certify the same to be correct. ARTHUR CLARKE, A.C.A., Auditor. Wellington, 16th February, 1917.

BALANCE SHEET as at 15th February, 1917