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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79



  • Professor T. A. Hunter.

Hon. Secretary:

  • Mr. D. Stanley Smith, P.O. Box, 83. Wellington.

Assistant Secretary:

  • Mr. F. Cornwell. Trades Hall. Wellington.

Hon. Treasurer:

  • Mr. J. McKenzie, Trades Hall. Wellington.

Joint Tutorial Class Committee:

  • Representing Victoria University College—Mr. Clement Watson (chairman). Professor T. A. Hunter; Mr. T. R. Fleming, M.A.; Mr. F. P. Wilson, M.A.
  • Representing Workers" Educational Association—Mr. J. McKenzie, Mr. H. J. Willis, Mr. M. J. Reardon, Mr. G. Ward.

Affiliated Organizations:

  • A.S.R.S[gap — ]Mr. M. J. Mack.
  • Aerated Water and Brewery mployees[gap — ]F. Cornwell.
  • Carpenters' union (three branches) J. Barras, C. Gardiner. W. Maddison.[gap — ]
  • Economic Class[gap — ]W. Wiles.
  • Electrical Workers' Union[gap — ]W. Wells.
  • General Labourers' Union[gap — ]M. J. Reardon.
  • Grocers' Union[gap — ]H. Lingard.
  • Hotel Workers' Union[gap — ]H. O'Malley.
  • Metal Workers' Union[gap — ]E. Kennedy.
  • Painters' Union[gap — ]G. Ridge.
  • Plasterers' Union[gap — ]L. Rearden.
  • Printers' Machinists' Union[gap — ]R. H. Hustler.
  • S.D.P[gap — ]G. Ward.
  • Tailors' Union[gap — ]D. Scott.
  • Teachers' Institute (Women)[gap — ]Miss N. Coad.
  • Teachers' Union (Men)[gap — ]W. Foster.
  • Trades and Labour Council[gap — ]J. McKenzie.
  • Tramways Union[gap — ]A. Christeson.
  • Typographical Union[gap — ]H. J. Crews.
  • V.U.C. Students" Association[gap — ]G. G. G. Watson.
page 11
During the past year the Wellington Centre has not only held its own but has extended the sphere of its operations. In spite of the absorption in the war of all members of the community and the restrictions on the Association's field of work caused by the enlistment of many men, the Association has nevertheless been able to present the advantages of the education which it can offer in such a way as to induce workers in different parts of Wellington Province to form additional classes. The new classes formed are as follows:—
  • English—Railway Workers, Wellington City;
  • Industrial Law—Wellington City;
  • Economics—Palmerston North.

and two Study Circles have been formed in Wellington City in History and Sociology.

The following Tables show the classes at present carried on under the auspices of the Wellington Centre and the statistical record of the work of last year:—

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Place. Subject. Tutor. Address. Secretary. Session. Wellington City Economics Prof. Hunter V.U. College, Wellington Mr. F. Cornwell, Trades Hall, Win Second Session. Class meets 7.30, 9.30 p.m. Y.M.C.A. Building. Wellington City English Literature Mr. W. H. Foster. M.A. Oriental Bay Kiosk, Wgtn. Mr. D. M. Banks, 89 Brougham St. Wellington Second Session. Class meets Mondays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., W.E.A. class room, Wgtn. Wellinton City Theory of electricity Mr. P. W. Burbidge, M.Sc. Mr. C. E. Collins, Telephone Ench. Wellington Second Session. Class meets Tuesdays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., V.U. College, Wgtn. Petone Economics Mr. F. P. Wilson, M.A. V. U. College, Wellington Mr. W. Seddon, 23 Beach Street, Petone. First Session. Class meets Saturdays, district High School Bldgs., Petone. Plamerston Nth Economics Mr. B. E. Murphy M.A., LL.B. Solfeltor, Feilding Mr. W. R. Birnie 43 Rangitkel St., Palmerston Nth First Session, Palmerston Nth, Technical Schl.

University Tutorial Classes

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Place. Subject. Tutor. Address. Secretary. Session. Wellington City Railway Workers English Mr. W. H. Foster, M.A Oriental Bay Kiosk, Wgtn. First Session. Class meets Mondays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., Railway Rooms, Wgtn. Wellington City Industrial Law Mr. G. G. G. WATSON, M.A., LL.B. V.U. College. Wellington Mr. T. Eagle. Berhampore. First Session. Class meets Thursdays, 7.30, 9.30 p.m., Labour Secret'ys Office, Wellington.

Preliminary Classes

Place. Subject. Leader. Address. Secretary. Session. Wellington City History Mr. W. H. Foster, M.A. Kiosk, Wgtn First Session at W.E.A. Rooms, Wellington. Wellington City Sociology Prof. Hunter V.U. College, Wellington First Session at V.U. College. Wellington.

Study Circles

page 14
English Class. Tutorial. Economics Class. Tutorial. Electricity Class. Tutorial. Economics Petone. Tutorial. Economics Palmerston Nth. Tutorial. Stage of Subject Second Year Second Year Second Year First Year First Year Duration of Course 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years No. of Effective Students 20 30 21 20 28 No. of First Year Students 12 8 20 28 No. of Second Year Students 8 22 Avge. Attendance 11.2 21.4 13 10 14 No. of Meetings 25 24 26 25 24 No. of Essays Set 12 12 12 5 No. of Essays Sent in 65 *33 31 15 *Second Half Only

Table of Class Statistics

page 15
The following comment is taken from the General Report of the Tutorial Class Committee to the Victoria university College Council:

"Naturally the work of all classes has been greatly affected by the war. We believe that from every class some students have enlisted and others have been called upon to undertake duties that have interfered with class work. In addition three of the classes have had the continuity of their study affected by a change of tutor. Considering the disabilities under which the classes work at present, the Committee considers that a good year's work has been done, a very fair measure of enthusiasm has been maintained—as is evidenced by the fact that some classes have voluntarily undertaken some special work during the summer vacation in preparation for the session of 1917."

It may seem to some readers of this report that the average attendance and the number of essays are lower than they ought to be. It must be remembered, however, that in these times the attendance and work of a class are liable to be interfered with by change of tutor, by change of residence, by the call of men to the camp, by overtime, etc. Many attendances and half-completed essays thus fail to figure in the class records. Under the present difficult conditions it is surprising how much enthusiasm and effort have been forthcoming, and it would be a great loss to the community if, for any reason, the classes were not maintained.