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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Workers' Educational Association

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Workers' Educational Association.


  • Mr. E. K. Mulgan, M.A.


  • Mr. G. T. Jones. Professor Segar.

Hon. General Secretary-Treasurer:

  • W. Manson. Dexter Avenue, Mt. Eden. Auckland.

Class Secretaries:

  • Trades Hall[gap — ]Mr. H. Solomon, 40a Ponsonby Road
  • [unclear: a][gap — ]Mr. W. Eele, Balmoral Road. Mt. Eden.
  • Grafton[gap — ]Mr. G. T. Jones. Room 9. Trades Hall.
  • [unclear: onby][gap — ]Mr. L. Redmond, 25 Douglas Street. Ponsonby.
  • [unclear: nga][gap — ]Mr. James. Upper Selwyn Street. Onehunga.
  • Birkenhead[gap — ]Mr. W. Darlow, Birkenhead.
  • Industrial Law[gap — ]Mr. A. House. 5 Albion Street. Parnell.
  • Gisborne[gap — ]Mr. K. J. Dobbie, Crawford Road, Gisborne.
  • Debating Class[gap — ]Mr. H. Campbell, 26 Brighton Road. Parnell.
  • Women's Class[gap — ]Miss Lee, Mt. Eden Road: Miss Campbell, 26 Brighton Road, Parnell.

District Council Unions:

  • Butchers[gap — ]W. E. Sill.
  • Bootmakers[gap — ]W. Wheatley.
  • Carpenters—Auckland[gap — ]J. Sweeney.
  • Carpenters—Eden[gap — ]E. W. Tinson
  • Carpenters—Devonport[gap — ]T. Bloodworth.
  • Carpenters—Onehunga[gap — ]S. Johnston.
  • Carpenters—Ponsonby[gap — ]R. S. Mackay.
  • [unclear: nters]—Newmarket[gap — ]J. Mitchell.
  • Cutters and Pressers[gap — ]A. Gillespie.
  • Furniture Trades[gap — ]A. E. Adams.
  • General Labourers[gap — ]J. Derrick.
  • Gas Workers[gap — ]J. W. Williams.
  • Grocers[gap — ]F. Beard.
  • Hotel and Restaurant employees[gap — ]A. Jacksonpage 2
  • Musicians[gap — ]W. H. Webbe.
  • Painters[gap — ]H. Campbell
  • Shipwrights[gap — ]R. Morrison.
  • Tramways Employees[gap — ]P. Richardson.
  • Waterside Workers[gap — ]C. Weaver.

Educational Bodies:

  • Professorial Board[gap — ]Professor Egerton, Professor Grossman, Professor Segar.
  • College Council[gap — ]Dr. McDowell, G. L. Peacocke.
  • Education Board[gap — ]G. W. Murray, E. K. Mulgan.
  • New Zealand Educational Institute[gap — ]F. H. Brown.
  • Technical School Masters' Association[gap — ]F. Neve.

Tutorial Classes:

  • Trades Hall[gap — ]O. McBrine.
  • Eden[gap — ]W. Eeles.
  • Grafton[gap — ]Nurse Scherer.
  • Ponsonby[gap — ]L. Redmond.
  • Onehunga[gap — ]P. Blakey.
  • Birkenhead[gap — ]H. Boardman.
  • Woman's Class[gap — ]
  • Debating Class[gap — ]W. E. Richards.

Co-opted Members:

  • Hon. Geo. Fowlds, Mrs. D. A. Hamilton, Dr. Florence Keller, T. W. Leys, C. R. Munro, Dr. J. Slingsby Reckie, H. Urquhart, T. U. Wells.

Lectures Committee:

  • Representing Auckland University—Professor Segar, Professor Egerton, Professor Grossman, Dr. McDowell. Representing W.E.A. District Council—Hon. Geo. Fowlds (chairman), T. Bloodworth, E. K. Mulgan, M.A., W. Manson (hon. sec.)
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Second Annual Report.

It is with feelings of satisfaction that we present the second annual report of the work accomplished in the Auckland District.

It may be that the War, which has prevented men and women from taking an active interest in the work of other societies, has been responsible for maintaining and even stimulating the interest in the work of the W.E.A.

The Economics classes have given opportunities to discuss the various problems raised by the War and in the coming session we believe these opportunities will be taken advantage of to an even greater extent. Indeed, we hope that special classes will be formed to study post-war conditions.

The year's work was opened with a picnic to Rangitoto. Close on two hundred people made the journey and climbed to the top of the hill to hear "The Story of the Auckland Harbour" from Mr. E. K. Mulgan. M.A.

The Classes.

All the Tutorial Classes commenced work in April and continued without a break until November. Two additional Tutorial Classes were created, one under Mr. A. E. Skelton on Industrial Law, and one on Economics under Mr. F. G, Dunlop, M.A., LL.B., in Gisborne.

The Industrial Law Class which was composed chiefly of Trade Union officials, owing to a severe illness overtaking the tutor, was unfortunately closed after fourteen lectures had been given.

In addition to these classes three short session classes were formed.

The Chairmanship Class under the Hon. Geo. Fowlds attracted twenty-four students and proved even more popular and successful than a similar class organised during our first year's activities.

The class on Hygiene—consisting entirely of women—under Dr. Elizabeth MacDonald, is the subject of a special report. The interest shown by the members of this class, and by the women members of the other classes, is worthy of special mention, all being keenly alive to the value of the opportunities offering and displaying very real and effective interest in the work and progress of the programmes studied.

The Literary and Debating class under Mr. Algie is proof of the earnestness and sincerity of our students, as it is composed entirely of men and women attending one or other of the various classes and was organised at the direct request of the members themselves for the purpose of keeping together during page 4 the summer months. The Lectures Committee authorised its formation on the understanding that twelve lectures should be given, six prior to the holidays and six after the holidays.

Country Classes.

For the second time we have received a request from the Thames district for a class tutor. The President, Mr. Mulgan, visited the Thames district on behalf of the Association, but was unable to make arrangements to meet the request.

Hygiene Class.

The opening lecture, July 29th, duly advertised—was very well attended. The subject was "Physical Fitness in Women," and the lecture was followed by much interest and interesting discussion. Two weeks later the first regular meeting was held and the class formed—subscription 2s. 6d.—there are fifteen members.

The attendance on this and succeeding weeks were: 14, 18, 29, 38, 41, 40.

The subjects dealt with were:—
I.Breathing—Chest Formation and Development.
II.Catarrhal Conditions—Adenoids—enlarged Tonsils.
III.Healthy Living—Food, Sleep, Clothing for Children.
IV.Food and Health—Teeth, etc.
V.Digestive Disorders—Constipation.
VI.The Change to Womanhood.

The meetings were increasingly interesting, and many expressed regret that they had not been more widely known. No examinations were held. Discussion after each lecture was animated, and it was with regret that the series closed.

(Signed) Elizabeth H. B. Macdonald, M.A., M.D.


The libraries ordered by the Lectures Committee for the various classes were made available for the students at the beginning of the session. The books include many valuable works on Economics and Industrial History.

The Conference.

The most important work carried out by the Association during the year was the Educational Conference organised at the close of the season. The various sessions were attended by over one hundred delegates, representing twenty-three organisations, including Trade Unions, Women's International League, Education Board, Professorial Board, University College Council and Teachers' Associations. The first two sessions were held in the Training College, and the third session under canvas, in the Domain on Labour Day.

page 5

The papers were freely discussed and we believe that the Conference, if organised annually, would tend towards the removal of misunderstandings, the clearing up of misconception, and the widening of outlook generally, and would be of no small assistance in regard 10 the efforts now being directed to the solution of important and pressing social problems.

Conference Syllabus.

"The History and Development of Trade Unionism in New Zealand."—Hon. J. T. Paul, M.L.C.

"The Effect of Industrial Legislation on Labour and Trade Unionisn in New Zealand."—Hon. Geo. Fowlds.

"Labour and Co-operation."—Dr. Mcllraith, Litt. D., F.R.E.S.

"Industrial Progress and Trades Unionism,"—Professor Grossman.

"The Worker and Education."—E. K. Mulgan. Esq.. M.A.


No extensive programme of public lectures was attempted this year, but lectures on special subjects were organised when requested The following is a list of the subjects dealt with and the names of the lecturers:—
  • "Cities and Citizenship."—J. H. Gunson, Esq., Mayor of Auckland.
  • "Economic Production and Distribution."—Professor Grossman.
  • "How Farmers Co-operate in Other Lands.'—Dr. Mcllraith (at Orini).
  • "International Exchange and Banking."—Buckleton, Esq., Manager, Bank of New Zealand.
  • "Education and Democracy," "The Prussian Spirit."—Hon. Geo. Fowlds (at Gisborne).
  • "What is meant by Economics."—F. V. Frazer, Esq., M.A., LL.B.
  • "The Story of the Auckland Harbour."—E. K. Mulgan, Esq., M.A. (on Rangitoto).

In addition to These, lecturettes were given at District Council meetings by Mr. Mulgan on "Education and the Worker" and by Professor Johnston on "Evolution."


Two debates were carried out during the year. The subjects debated were: "Free Trade v. Protection." Free Trade (Land Values League team) secured the verdict, while the W.E.A. team obtained the highest points for delivery. The adjudicator was Mr. F. V. Frazer, M.A., LL.B.

"That War is a Means to Progress" was affirmed by a team from the Y.M.C.A. and denied by a W.E.A. team. The W.E.A. page 6 team secured the verdict for both argument and delivery. Mr. E. Aldridge acted as adjudicator.

Affiliations and Membership.

The continued and extended support of the Trades Unions is most gratifying. The affiliations total twenty-nine—nineteen trades unions, two teachers' associations and eight tutorial and other classes, while individual members number twenty-five, and "Highway" subscribers twenty-one.


The University Senate has again placed at the disposal of the Lectures Committee a grant of £300 to assist the work, and we desire to publicly express our gratitude to that body. We are likewise indebted to the City Council for a grant of £50 for organising purposes, and to the many friends who have subscribed to the funds of the Association. We are sure that the money is well invested since the best asset the city can have is a body of citizens possessing "that fine public spirit, that civic competence which involves work and sacrifice for the sake of the city's progress and the citizen's welfare generally" to quote the words of the Mayor in his address on "Cities and Citizenship." a sentiment in accord with the spirit of the W.E.A. Movement.


To the College Council, to the Professorial Board, to the Press and to the many friends who have gratuitously given their time and service to help our educational and social work, we extend our sincerest thinks.

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DISTRICT SUBJECT TUTOR SESSION NUMBER OF INCTURES GIVEN Men Women Men Women ENROLLED EFFECTIVE MINIMUM ATTENDANCE FOR EFFECTIVE MEMBERSHIP POSSIBLE ATTENDANCE ACTUAL ATTENDANCES PERCENTAGS I. City Economics Professor Grossman 2 24 24 3 24 3 8 503 411 81.7 II. Eden Economics A. W. Heath, M. A. 2 24 17 6 14 6 8 431 371 86.08 III. Grafton Economics Dr. Mcllaraith, Litt., D., F. R. E. S. 2 24 12 5 12 5 8 376 316 84 05 IV. Ponsonby Industrial History W. R. Tuck, M. A., LL.M. 2 24 15 13 8 297 260 87.54 V. Onehunga Economics W. R. Tuck, M.A., LL.M. 2 24 14 1 9 1 8 250 196 78.4 VI. Birkenhead Economics Professor Grossman 2 17 13 4 12 4 5 248 178 71.77 VII. City Industrial Law A. E. Skelton, Barrister 1 14 23 23 4 322 214 66.77 VIII. Gisborne Economics F. G. Dunlop, M. A., LL.B. 1 17 15 3 10 3 5 212 148 70.0 IX. City Chairmanship Hon. G. Fowlds 2 6 20 4 20 4 2 135 114 84.4 X. Grafton Hygiene Dr. Elizabeth Macdonald, M.A., M.D. 1 6 15 15 2 90 89 98.8* XI. City Debating and Literary R. M. Algie, LL.M. 1 6 24 9 21 9 2 192 129 67.18 *See Report

Table of Class Statistics

page 8

Subscriptions and Donations

£ s. d.
Butchers 2 2 0
Bootmakers 1 1 0
Carpenters 6 6 0
Cutters & Pressers 2 2 0
Furniture Trades 1 1 0
General Labourers 1 1 0
Gas Workers 1 1 0
Grocers 1 1 0
Hotel Employees 1 1 0
Musicians 1 1 0
Painters 1 1 0
Shipwrights 1 1 0
Tramway Employees 2 2 0
£ s. d.
Trades Hall 1 1 0
Eden 1 1 0
Grafton 1 1 0
Ponsonby 1 1 0
Onehunga 1 1 0
Birkenhead 1 1 0
Women's Class 1 17 6
Debating Class 1 1 0
£ s. d.
N.Z. Educational Inst. 1 1 0
Technical School Masters 1 1 0
Individiual Members.
Bishop Cleary 2 2 0
P. Virtue 1 1 0
H. Symons 0 10 0
Miss Cato 0 5 0
Laidlaw Leeds 1 0 0
F. V. Frazer 1 0 0
A. Sandford 0 5 0
Miss Preest 0 5 0
H. Urquhart 0 5 0
M. J. Slingsby Reckie 0 10 6
Hon. Geo. Fowlds 0 5 0
G. McKnight 0 2 6
Rev. Budd 0 2 6
W. McPherson 0 5 0
N. R. McKenzie 1 1 0
E. K. Mulgan 1 1 0
Mrs. Blundell 1 0 0
Miss W. L. Foote 0 5 0
T. W. Leys 1 1 0
W. Mountain 0 5 0
Mrs. Hamilton 1 0 0
Akid. Prov. Employers' Assn. 2 2 0
H. G. Cousins 1 1 0
E. Phelan 0 2 6
C. J. Parr, M.P. (donation to the Eden Tutorial Class) 1 0 0
T. W. Leys (donation to Ponsonby Class) 0 10 0
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RECEIPTS. £ s. d. Balance, 1915 99 37 11 Subscriptions and Donations 65 19 6 Affliation Fees 35 9 6 Literature 41 18 9½ "Highway" Subscriptions 1 2 6 Collections, Etc. 8 18 5 Donation from Labour Day Committee towards Hon. J. T. Paul's Expenses 2 0 0 Picnic, Conference and Social 16 7 6 £271 14 1½ EXPENDITURE. £ S. D. Advertising 17 18 3 Literature 21 13 11 Sundries— Honorarium, £30; Auditor's Fee, £1 1s.; Bank Charges and Exchange. 12s. 7d.; Petty Cash, 6s. 0½d. 31 19 7½ Postage 6 5 2 Stationery, Etc. 2 7 0 Printing 30 13 0 Picnic, Conference and Social 33 0 0 Hire of Halls. Etc. 7 19 0 Balance, 1916 120 3 2 £271 14 1½ ASSETS. £ S. D. 61 Ashley's Histories 9 3 0 50 Symes' Political Economy 6 17 5 4 Brigg's History 1 6 0 12 Trade Union History 0 19 6 Books (Gisborne Class) 2 2 0 Books, Etc. (Onehunga Class) 1 19 0 Furniture 11 3 3 Cash in Bank 120 3 2 £153 13 5 LIABILITIES. NIL. February 15, 1917. Audited and found correct. JNO. B. D. ESAM, F.N.Z.A.A., Auditor.

Statement of Accounts for 1916 Session