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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

A. (May be "filed for reference.")

A. (May be "filed for reference.")

Running in one of the paddocks attached to————(for that is the name by which————'s equine seminary is known) I came across First Rain, the coming two-year-old son of Martian and Grand Rain, and consequently a half-brother to that erstwhile excellent performer Kilrain. The youngster, who is well grown and furnished, for he would easily pass as a late two-year-old, has boon broken in and ridden, and, I was informed, had taken amenably to his new mode of life. Ho is a rare backed chap, who, when the saddle is on, does not exhibit a great deal of the aforesaid back, a fact which proves that he will be able to carry weight with advantage. He is beautifully turned fore and aft, with heaps of heart room, and it even now takes a more than fair-sized girth to encompass him. His brainy, determined head gives every assurance that he will be no quitter, for horses of his knowledge appearanced head make a good fight of it when put to the test. That his future prospects bear a favourable aspect there is no denying.

Blackall 's exertions at Woodville have apparently had a beneficial effect upon him, for he now looks muscular, bright and hard; and though I have at times written that he was rather common-looking, he went back on me the other afternoon, for he has lost that podgy, ordinary outlook, and now fills the eye as a perfect specimen of the thoroughbred, a trifle up in the air, perhaps, to please the most fastidious; but then again he is so extra well furnished otherwise that this slight excess is minimised when his general make and shape is taken into general observation.

Nottata, a black half-sister by Maori King to Blackall and Co., is a sweetly-turned filly, who greatly resembles her victorious half-sister, Nightfall in construction. She is lengthy and sweepy, while no exception can be taken to her depth; an evenly-balanced youngster (she is a two-year old) is Nottata, and though in her track efforts she has accomplished page 48 nothing of a startling nature, there are, I am sure, possibilities in her future.

Bunting, who was recently acquired by Mr. Watt, who bred him, but quitted him some seasons back at a hack price, is consequently back in one of the boxes he previously occupied when he was getting first introduced to the track. A bold, aggressive-looking horse, who now appears to be just in the very best of nick, a weight-carrier of high grade, with brilliancy in addition, this aptly-named son of All Black and Red Plume should prove one of the mainstays of the establishment.

Sunlight, a two-year-old son of Sunshine and Supercilious, who has lately been emasculated, is a lengthy, wiry sort of a youngster, slightly inclined to be sickle-hocked, which detracts somewhat from the outline of his quarters (but otherwise they are so powerful that the sweep is not near so noticeable as if he had not been well found in the propelling department). He is even and true, standing on a real nice set of good-boned pins, with even-balanced shoulders, from which rises a hard, wiry neck, surmounted by an attractive, brainy head. One peculiarity is attached to Sunlight, and that is that he is the only son, or, in fact, the only get of his sire, who is an imported son of Sunridge. That this feature will not make or mar him goes without saying, and my object in making the statement is just to remark upon the strangeness of the matter.

Silver and Black is a comely two-year-old filly by All Black—Concordia, and, like most of the female All Blacks, is powerful and quality appearanced. Short on top, with plenty of length below, she presents the ideal formation of a successful galloper, legged up in good style with feet of the best, and as good to leave as what she is to come at. (*)

The two-year-old son of All Black and Float, who has been christened All Aboard, is a big fellow for his age. His driving power is well pronounced, for he displays great length from croup to hock. He covers a lot of country, and no exception can be taken to his fore end, which is hung true and good, a great-bone fellow, whoso long suit should be going fast.

Llanishen, a six-year-old imported English mare by Llangibby out of a mare by Berril, is a great raking mare with immense quarters, and it is only by getting well behind her that her beam and depth is observable, and when they are thoroughly sized up, the idea is formulated that her driving powers are of the highest calibre. A bit ragged in the hips, she is, to be sure, but the other parts of her make and shape are so infinitely good that they overshadow this minute imperfection. Built to scale, she presents an ideal picture of the thoroughbred in training.

One of the massive, powerful clan is Hendra, a four-year-old son of Royal Artillery and Hecuba. Constructed on weight-carrying lines, he should be the beau ideal of a welter horse, and his general appearance suggests that he would make a jumper. Though a commanding looking horse, there is not an atom of coarseness or cartiness in his construction, a feature too often apparent where size is dominant. Plain-headed he certainly is, but this in a measure is no doubt due to his being lop-eared, but as horses as a rule do not gallop with their heads, this fact will not page 49 be any detriment to him when the time arrives for him to range up for battle.

A two-year old black gelding, who claims All Black as his sire and Culprit as his dam, is one of the hardy-looking breed. He is set up nice and even on a rare good set of legs, is well endowed in front, as his shoulders are hung true as a die, has good middle piece, with lengthy, taking quarters, and a strong back; a sensible gelding without a doubt, for their is no mistaking his brainy head as an indication that he is one of the sort who are possessed of knowledge in no measured degree.

* "O si sic omnes."