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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

All for Empire. — Tolerance Worse than Folly

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All for Empire.

Tolerance Worse than Folly.

"If we are Wise we Shall Bundle Every Hun out of the Empire."

The "All For Empire" League has for one of its objects "the elimination of enemy trade and influence, not only from New Zealand, but from every part of the British Empire."

Some people say this is impossible. But it is at least up to every man, when his very existence is imperilled, to take the necessary steps to safeguard himself and his friends from the attacks of an insidious foe, absolutely unscrupulous in the methods he adopts, and intent only upon accomplishing his will in the most thorough manner possible. Treachery, fraud, deceit, violence and murder become instruments of honour in German hands, ill only the supreme object may be attained.

We all know now the extent of Germany's ambitions—that she aimed and still aims at attaining the hegemony of Europe and the civilized world! Let those who think this is a capitalists' war, waged in the interests of Capital, read what the well-known Socialist writer (Robert Blatchford) has to say upon the present situation and the consequences that will befall. Britain and her people if she does not deal promptly and vigorously with the evils which have flourished in our midst and which only await the return to peace conditions to again wage war upon our commerce and industries:—

"If we are wise (Mr. Blatchford says) we shall bundle every Hun out of the Empire."

"Germany's design to dominate the earth is carried on systematically, vigorously and unceasingly in times of peace as in times of war." . . . "Germany is always covertly at war, and German clerks, traders, travellers, merchants, page break financiers, waiters, consuls, attaches, and ambassadors are part of the advance guard of armed invasion, and are at all times, and in all countries, under all circumstances, enemies. . ."

"German news agencies, German journals, German spits, German liars, German professors, German bankers, traders, shippers, pilots, all work together upon an elaborate and prearranged plan. The liars who circulate false news and dirty libels in neutral countries are as much a part of the German war machine as the submarine service is a part of the navy, or the ordnance corps a part of the Army."

What is happening in America?

"Naturalised or unnaturalised Germans in America are plotting to blow up munition works, to sink ships, and to cam on a secret form of armed rebellion in America."

The "New York Tribune" says:—

"A state of war actually exists in this country as the re-suit of the bombing of the factories.

The conduct of the German and Austrian Ambassadors in the United States is notorious. Millions upon millions of Huns have invaded America and are now working in that neutral state under the leadership of German spies, consuls and ambassadors as enemies of the Allies and of all American citizens who are trading with the Allies.

German plotters are everywhere. Persia has been for years a field for German espionage and intrigue. Germany actually had a school for educating spies in Antwerp. Germans are plotting in China and are trying to work up rebellion in India. They issue proclamations in Arabia, signed by the Sultan, the Sheikh-ul-slam, and Enver Pasha, calling upon all Indian Moslems to embark on a holy war against Britain and her Allies. . . Germans have fomented rebellions in South Africa, India, Persia, Egypt and Russia. . .

Germans obtained control of the metal trade in Australia and have got their grip on the radium supply in Eng-land. . .

German diplomacy, German commerce, German literature, German education, German finance, and German immigration are all parts of the hostile German conspiracy, and every German is a conspirator."

M. Jules Claes, in his new book "The German Mole," says:—

"No country can, with impunity, grant to Germans the same advantages it grants to other foreigners, since Germans employ the advantages derived from hospitality for ends that are hostile to the country that giants them shelter."

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The Real German Microbe.—M. Claes has laid bare the German plan of peaceful invasion. He says:—

"One of the most powerful, active, and important wheels in the great machine which Germany has sent forth to conquer the world is an extremely small one: the German clerk. He is the real microbe of the German epidemic. The German clerk presents himself to you in the most innocuous shape, e.g., he is recommended because he wishes to learn your language or business, and as one good turn deserves another he asks for no salary. On the contrary, if you wish, his father will take an interest in your business. Thus you are saddled with two Germans, and as you have contracted business and, perhaps, friendly relations with the father you cannot fail to give the son every chance of success. And you do this at the expense of your fellow-countrymen. Then, too, he is so active and serviceable—the first at the office and the last to leave—and you extol his good qualities everywhere."

Hear Mr. Blatchford again:—

"Germany backs up her commercial warfare with her diplomacy, just as she backs her diplomacy with her arms. It was the policy of Germany in the days of the Hanseatic League to sow dissension between England and France, and to keep Russia from all European intercourse, so that the Hanse might monopolise Russian trade.

The kind of peace policy I am advocating is a policy of war: Let those who prate about forgiveness ask themselves how soon the Huns will forgive them. The Germans envy us and hate us and will envy us and hate us to the end of the chapter. Nothing we can say or do will alter them. We can-not help it. But unless we are deceived, as in the past, by sentimental fools, we can and must take care never again to give our enemies a chance to hurt us."

We not only want to eliminate German trade from New Zealand and the Empire, but also to exclude Germans from the right of citizenship. Under the German citizenship law, signed by the Kaiser at Balholm on July 22nd, 1913, a German does not lose his citizenship in his own country by taking out letters of naturalisation and swearing allegiance to some other country; although in every case he is called upon to abjure and renounce his allegiance to all foreign princes, and particularly to Wilhelm II.—"German Emperor and King of Prussia."

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Join the "All for Empire" League, which proposes not only to eliminate enemy trade and influence from New Zealand and the Empire, but aims at securing a clean, loyal and patriotic citizenship by promoting legislation making it impossible for alien subjects, the laws of whose country of origin permit of their retaining citizenship in that country while sub-scribing allegiance to another State, to obtain letters of naturalisation or the rights of citizenship in New Zealand.

A. J. Carlton,

Interim Secretary, Commercial Travellers and Warehousemen's Assn., Victoria Street, Wellington.

Ferguson & Osborn, Printers, Wellington.—74340

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