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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Fame of the Anzacs

page 26

Fame of the Anzacs

In the year 1915, when some thousands of New Zealand's brave sons joined with equally valiant Australians to form the Anzac Division, they made history which has been an inspiration to successive drafts of recruits. Men and women, boys and girls, have a national pride in those feats of arms, not surpassed in the chronicles of war. Here is a brief outline of the Gallipoli Campaign:—

Year 1915.

April 23—First landing of Allied forces on Gallipoli.

April 24—British captured Sedd-el-Bahr.

April 25—Australians and New Zealanders landed north of Gaba Tepe.

April 26—Turkish attacks repelled by Anzacs.

April 27—Allied troops advanced and established a front two miles inland from Cape Helles.

April 28—Further advance made on Krithia front.

May 2—Allies gained a grip of Gaba Tepe.

May 5—Allies' advance checked at Sedd-el-Bahr and Ari Bumu.

May 6-8—Three days' battle for Krithia.

May 9—The Turks opposite Anzac Cove were reinforced, delivered a strong attack on the New Zealanders and Australians, and were repulsed with loss of 7,000 men. Anzacs lost 500.

May 12-28—Advance towards Krithia. French took Haricot Redoubt.

June 1—Severe Turkish attack at Gaba Tepe repulsed.

June 4—Fighting for Achi Baba; Anzacs made 500 yards progress.

June 22—The French attacked the Turks successfully at Kereves Dere.

June 28—Attack on Achi Baba. The Boomerang Redoubt and three lines of Turkish trenches captured.

June 30—Fighting near Krithia; several lines of Turkish trenches taken.

July 4—Several attacks on Allies were repulsed with heavy losses.

July 7—The Allies advanced half a mile towards Achi Baba.

Aug. 6—Landing of torces at Suvla Bay.

Aug. 7-10—Battle of Lone Pine; casualties about 12,000. British and Anzacs linked up and established united front about two and a-half miles inland. Anzacs reached the crest of Sari Bair, but had to withdraw for lack of support by Suvla Bay forces.

Aug. 21—Hill 70 taken by Suvla forces; again lost. Anzacs took Hilled. Allies made frontal attack on Turkish lines round Anafaita

Oct. 20 Sir lan Hamilton, Commander-in-Chief, recalled, and Major-

-General Monro sent to report on the situation.

Nov. 27—Lord Kitchener visited the Anzac and Krithia fronts.

Dec. 10—Turkish attack at Krithia repulsed by New Zealanders.

Dec. 20—In accordance with General Monro's recommendation, the Suvla Bay and Anzac forces evacuated their positions.


Jan. 8—British and French forces withdrew from Cape Helles, completing the evacuation of Gallipoli Peninsula.

April—Anzacs landed in France.