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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Beauty and the Brave

page 17

Beauty and the Brave

Amass of serried khaki and denim, below a great expanse of worshipful faces—and one girl in white singing softly the simple words that go straight to the heart. It is a scene in a hall of Trentham—something to stay in the memory while life lasts. Such a spectacle brings to mind an oft-heard and oft-sung line: " None but the brave deserve the fair." Concert parties of the Victoria League (bright, winsome young ladies), the New Zealand Natives' Association, the Y.M.C.A. and other organisations have made many an evening very pleasant at Trentham, and the soldiers at Featherston have been similarly well entertained.

Between whiles the men may arrange programmes among themselves, for there is abundance of varied talent. Of course, if a camp performer's notion of his ability is not shared in equal measure by the audience, he is liable to a friendly count-out.

The institutes are all well provided with equipment for popular pastimes, reading and writing. For a change the men can go to the moving pictures, billiard rooms or shooting galleries (firing at the perpetual procession of camels, ducks, rabbits and other deathless fugitives).

No man need have the hours of leisure weighing heavily on him. If his mood does not lead him to music, or books or games, he can always find a kindred soul for a chat in English, Scotch, Irish, French, Latin or Greek. He can have any kind of argument (hot, cold or tepid) on any subject imaginable; all degrees of education are in the camps.

And always there is everybody's "big brother," the chaplain, ready to make a refreshing joke or a will, or offer kindly, wise advice or comfort, according to circumstances. A11 chaplains are one chaplain—the right one—for any man who hungers for an intimate talk with a sympathetic friend, a friend who listens intelligently and replies from the heart.

At 9 p.m. the big family begins to muster in the canteen for hot pies and coffee or other mild refreshments—and off the merry members go to the huts, where the lights switch out on many a "tall tale."

page 18
Defence Headquarters Staff (Wellington).

Defence Headquarters Staff (Wellington).

Back Row:—Mr. H. M. Griffen. Accountant: Hon. Capt Rockstraw: Capt. Skelley. A. A. G.: Capt. Robberts. I. F. A: Hon. Major McCristell. O. M. G. J: Hon. Major O'Sullivan: Capt. F. E. Ostler. D. D. S. T.: Lieut Bryan. A. M. S.

Front Row: Major Robinson O. M. G. J: Lieut Col. Pilkington A. G.; Col. Gibbon. C. G. S. Brig. Gen. Robin.