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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Sunny Nelson

page 44

Sunny Nelson

One of Sunny Nelson's many Beauty Places

The river walk Nelson

Sunny is the title which belongs to Nelson by righ—Nature gift. The annual average of sunshine exceeds 2,500 hours equal to about seven hours a day, and the summer sunshine is tempered by a cool breeze from Tasman Bay.

The daily average of sunshine through the winter months is five hours, and the landscape retains a refreshing beauty during this season. The equable character of the climate can be gauged from the following table of mean temperatures:—Spring, 545 degrees; Summer, 63'2; Autumn, 56'2; Winter, 47; Annual,55'3

Nelson has good municipal services, excellent educational faclities and all things necessary for the joy of living—health, comfort and convenience—for children and adults. Nelson is the city of [unclear: hones] with gardens, beautiful and useful.

The varied beauty ran fit any mood. The city nestles among many trees (imported and native), and a splendid forest reaches to the edge of settlement in several parts. One can go from the quiet prettiness of a park lake to cascades of the bush; from [unclear: delight] walks, with choice of sun or shade, by the murmuring Maitai [unclear: for] to the grandeur of verdant mountains. Whether the desire is for gentle or strenuous exercise, Nelson can meet the wish. This is the locality for safe sea bathing and yachting, motor-car or launch trips cosy camping, angling, deer-shooting, " botanising," and miscellaneous exploring.

Backing Nelson is " Nature's Bank," a wonderful vista of [unclear: orchand] lands, hop gardens and pastures. Experts from all parts of New Zealand admit that the Nelson climate and soil are the best for apple culture. Here is an ideal place for the comfortable settlement of many a returned soldier, by the raising of fruit or poultry (or total) Absentee owners can arrange for the planting and supervision of their orchards at a reasonable charge per acre.

With all these advantages, the district has good road and sea services. It is not a case of " splendid isolation " for anybody.

Proof of all these statements is available from the Secretary of the Advancement Society, Nelson.

page 45
Some of the 40,000 Sturdy Apple Trees on Messrs. Bisley Bros. & Co.'s Estate. Mildura. Upper Moutere.

Some of the 40,000 Sturdy Apple Trees on Messrs. Bisley Bros. & Co.'s Estate. Mildura. Upper Moutere.