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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Woman's Word to Manhood

page 4

Woman's Word to Manhood

On behalf of the four military districts, four ladies accepted an invitation to give messages to New Zeland's manhood (both the working and waiting elements).


To the common end we all have in view, the women of the Dominion are contributing a service which even manhood cannot rival. Auckland has not been behind in supplying its full quota of recruits to swell the ranks of that dauntless army of women who have sacrificed their all on the altar of patriotism. The army of women in Auckland although it has no uniform, no parades, no official recognition—with a deadly earnestness that vies with the efforts of the men they have sent to the front—have enthusiastically and wholeheartedly placed their services at the disposal of the authorities in all patriotic efforts to assist in the fight for the maintenance of the British principles of liberty and justice Moreover, it is an army which has been enlisted voluntarily down to the very last woman. There are no women slackers or shirkers in Auckland; and to those men who have not already signified their willingness to take their place in the fighting line, I can only say; " Follow the example that the women of the Dominion have set, and prove yourselves British to the core by declaring yourselves inevitably on the side of Right, Truth and Humanity."

Mrs. Myers,

Wife of the Hon. A. M. Myers, Minister of Munitions.


The willingness of the men of New Zealand to answer the call of Empire has been a great inspiration to us women. Their example gives us the courage to heed to play our part in the bitter struggle for right. I cannot express our appreciation of the heroic men of our land, who have chosen the path of honour, rather than that of selfish page 5 case and comfort. The present is a time for lofty aspiration and high resolution, and the pride of the women and children of Otago, in knowing that our men think we are worth fighting for, is equalled by our determination to justify such unexampled sacrifice. The magnificent devotion and self-sacrifice of our citizen soldiers will claim the heartfelt thanks and loving admiration of our women for all time.

Mary Downie Stewart,

President Otago Women's Patriotic Association.


Soldiers of New Zealand ! The women of Wellington have in you the faith and hope which their sisters of the other provinces have as well. To this day the sons of this Dominion have been worthy of their forefathers, famed in the world's history for valour and victory, with honour. A great duty awaits numbers of other men to recognise their country's need of their active aid, to be faithful to their comrades who are in camp or overseas, and to be true to New Zealand's women, who have confidence in their manhood.

Jacobina Luke,

Mayoress, Wellington.


Sons of New Zealand ! You have nobly answered our beloved Empire's call for help in this time of her great need. The women of New Zealand are proud of you. Some of us .have been privileged to give our sons. We shall watch your movements closely, and we feel sure that you will uphold the high traditions which the indomitable Anzacs have placed on the pages of history. We wish you God-speed and a speedy and safe return with the full glory of a great victory crowning your gallant efforts. May your example be an incentive to those eligibles who have, as yet, left the call to arms unanswered, to obey promptly the urgent appeal.

Yours sincerely,

J. Holland,

Mayoress, Christchurch.
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Maori Soldiers Maching to a Transport. Wellington

[unclear: Maori] Soldiers Maching to a Transport. Wellington