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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Chapter I

page 17

Chapter I.

1 The Preface. 7. The coming of a plain man with a new truth found under man's laws of thought.

The Lord said he would overturn; now it is done and made manifest to all men by mere man, of whose coming Moses spake as did also Solomon at the opening of his temple.

2. John, who bare record of things to come, looked down the ages and saw the man and the hour coming to those long waiting for the true Word of God, and in a poem his vision he did pen.

3. Blessed is he that seeth a thing as it is, for man alone solves riddles, and of angels there are none. There are doubts also about devils and dragons and demons and ghosts, holy and unholy, and their immortal souls. Bill sought for specimens to lay upon his experimental table, but ignorance and superstition produced them not, rather did they shelter behind their doxology.

4. To the seven senses in the son of man, grace and peace from the eternal spirit of truth and its enthematic syllogism spoken by man to man in truth and righteousness.

5. And from his messenger who is no superman but like the frailest, is bruised and stricken, and hath no form nor comeliness, and we hide as it were our faces from him.

6. Yet God to him has been kind, for unto him is shown a new truth under man's laws of thinking, which doth but make of us kings and priests unto God for ever and ever, amen.

7. Coming as a thief in the night, their ideals were shattered and were dismayed and disdainful, and his message they did scorn, he was despised and rejected, and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of his coming and the loss of their hereafter: even so, amen.

8. The right arm of the Lord is the expression of man, and there is no saviour but the syllogism of man, and so it is written, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

9. He was but a root out of dry ground that stood deducing conclusions from premises, long held and hoary with age, and his thoughts were upon the Dictum of Aristotle, and the word as imbued and endued in the minds of his saints and his prophets.

10. And lo: whilst in the spirit my meditation did rouse my psychological gropers which did pulsate within the apple of mine eye, and I then saw it was within me, where dwelt all the fullness of the God-head bodily, and until this my word is made flesh there shall be no peace amongst the nations, for true light on human destiny is not possible until the dogma of immortality is driven from the mind of man.

page 18

11. And amongst the waters of life I did blink and grope, and God's great victory doth but bring into line the whole human race. I saw the laws of thought were steady in their operation, and man's mastery was but a greater command of the common terms in language; and what thou seest write in a book showing that man hath seven senses, and these are hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, muscle, and motion, and are the seven eyes of the Lord, and when stilled in death the soul doth perish.

12. And hearing the voice that spake with me I groped with muscle and motion against my cerebral, and from thence I did bring forth that new truth formerly not seen nor considered, and in which it was made clear unto me that man's senses must operate before his quickening spirit can perform an act of reasoning.

13. And man's constant toil in all wakeful moments is his enthematic syllogism, and in its midst there is the middle term, coined, brought forth, and named by that instrument of instruments which did but quicken man's eye-lash, and man's seven senses were seven candlesticks set by God to light his kingdom, and so it is written, the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendcth it not, even so, until Bill did name it.

14. John's utterances were fulfilled, inasmuch as his head and hairs are white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes are as a flame of fire burning with the brightness of an enthematic truth, spoken by woman-born man unto mere man, in simplicity, in sincerity, and in severity.

15. And his feet are white like unto fine brass and his voice as one from the north, from whence he came, for he was raised up out of his place.

16. And on the third finger of his right hand is a signet ring with bloodstone set, and arranged thereon are seven stars, and from a psychological saturation of the best, there went from his mouth a sharp two-edged sword, and his countenance was as those made cheerful by God's hidden manna.

17. He was chastened, but God was gracious, for unto him he did lay bare his right arm of pure, terse, and effective language, saying: Thou son of man, thou art the first and the last, my noblest offspring and heir to all the ages, for thou hast truly named mortal man and his mortal soul, and on earth thy will shall be done and thou shalt rule them with a rod of iron. Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ, Who had the spirit of Elijah, but now cometh the great and dreadful day of the Lord, and amidst all this glory, but for a small drop of real good stuff now and again I was the weakest of men.

18. Let thy name live and be alive for ever more and have the keys of hell and of death, for thy word is life eternal and is truly made manifest to my waiting Israel. Therefore tell it out amongst the nations that heaven and hell exist but on earth.

page 19

19. Write the things pervading thy mind and what thou hast seen and what thou hast considered, and teach them things to come, saying: It is but the living that praise God, and the dead know not anything.

20. Likewise show them the mystery of the seven stars in thy right hand and the seven candlesticks; the seven stars are my seven predicables, as are in that which is said, whose horns are my seven parts of speech: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven senses found in that son of man, whom now thinking cometh from Edom. The same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost, that counterpart, that negative, that echo, that reflex, that shadow, and that sign, such as language supplies.