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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Visual Perception of Form

Visual Perception of Form.

1. A polished wood cabinet of six drawers, each containing six wooden frames with geometric insets of various shapes—squares, rhomboids, rectangles, circles, triangles, polygons, ellipses, &c.

These insets are fitted into position by the child, the frames acting as a control.

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By passing the fingers round the outlines, the child, through the tactile muscular sense, receives the perception of the form of each shape, and at the same time is taught the names of the various geometrical forms.

2. Three Series of Cards.—In the first series the cards represent the same geometrical forms in the same size as the wooden insets, and are printed in solid blue.

In the second series the same geometrical forms are depicted by a thick blue contour about a quarter of an inch wide.

In the third series the geometrical forms appear in thin outline.

Thus the child passes by easy stages from the concrete form of the wooden shape to the abstract outline.