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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

More Liberty for the Teacher

page 40

More Liberty for the Teacher.

If freedom is to be the basis of education for the child, it should also be the basis of education for the teacher. This is necessary if teachers are to keep up with the educational thought and progress of the world. The infant teachers of New South Wales are probably freer than similar teachers in most other places. Because of this, I believe New South Wales to be more ready for Montessori than almost anywhere else. If, however, the Montessori ideal is to be followed, a still larger measure of freedom must be permitted, and because of this larger measure of freedom a greater demand will be made on the intelligence and originality of the individual teacher. The Montessori teacher will have to do her own thinking; it cannot be done for her by anyone else. In order to do her own thinking she must have a larger measure of freedom and must work out her own salvation from within instead of having dogmas imposed upon her from without. The same liberty that is given to the children should be given to the teacher, and through this liberty the teacher, like the child, will educate herself in the science and craft of her profession.