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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79


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Since this pamphlet was first issued, the Trades and Labour Councils of New Zealand held their annual meeting in the city of Auckland, when a Name, an Objective and a Platform for the New National Party were adopted. A request was made to embody the Objective and Platform in this pamphlet for the convenience of the public, consequently extra pages have been added and the Platform, etc., as adopted, will be found on the last pages. It will be seen that good work was done at the conference. The interests of the agricultural part of the community was not overlooked, although there is no specific mention of what is intended to be done for that class. A State owned plant, mainly for the manufacture of the farm implements and machinery now imported, is, we believe, contemplated, and which would double the number of farm produce and other commodity consumers in that industry alone, and effect a very large saving in prices, for the primary producers, in comparison with the prices they now pay. Special attention is called to page 13, dealing briefly with Importation, Combination, Competition, etc. Also to the explanatory comments on Pages 29 and 32, relating to New Zealand's Industries and Banking. The Premier, on meeting a deputation from the Labour Conference recently, showed his helpless position in regard to State banking, and the real or imaginary grip the page iv private bankers hold upon our medium of exchange. The fact that New Zealand's huge bonded debt and interest must be provided for and paid is a very good reason why her citizens (as a whole) who are responsible, are entitled to the bulk of New Zealand's banking profits, which are obtainable only through a genuine Competitive State Bank.

The Australian Labour Party's proposed note issue for the Commonwealth can only be looked upon as a preliminary move. A genuine Competitive State Bank is the goal. The proposed referendum granting an extension of Federal industrial powers, which we now have, will, when carried, open the way for the establishment of Competitive Federal Works, which will regulate wages and conditions for the workers, and quality and prices for the consumers. The abortive new Protection has proved (and must always prove) disappointing to the Federal Labour Party. The Federal Parliament of Australia has the diversified interests of twelve Houses in the six States to consider. Fortunately, New Zealand and her interests are very compact, and we have only one Parliament and a Legislative Council.

There are a great many "texts" in this little pamphlet relating to various phases of urgent economic questions, that are crying out for solution, and the author hopes that, at least, some of the people will be stimulated to further thought and action by its perusal.