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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79



There is well founded political unrest in every country, and this unrest is seeking expression through the Labour and Socialist political parties which have grown so amazingly during the past decade. The workers in New Zealand have been fairly content heretofore, owing to favourable climatic conditions, a sparse population, comparatively few working hours, factory and other Acts, and an effort to ensure better conditions and living wages by Conciliation and Arbitration, which satisfied the workers in a measure, and enabled the control of the Labour vote by the late Right Hon. R. J. Seddon, under whose Premiership many humanitarian and useful temporary measures were enacted. It has, however, been clearly demonstrated that halfway measures in the economic field are of little use and will not satisfy an enlightened people. The signs of the times point to a fusion of the Liberals and Conservatives at no distant date; indeed, there is only a paper wall page 39 between them now. The new Labour Party should score heavily at the elections in 1911 and 1914, and should actually make and administer the laws of New Zealand after the elections in 1917, or 1920 at latest. It is conceded that the Young New Zealand Party (under whatever name) will place a sound, workable national programme before the people, such as they require, and such as they have not had, and never can have from either of the old parties, simply because the old parties stand uncompromisingly for the private ownership of the means of life and private profits. Every good citizen should know the truth about modern scientific socialism by a careful study of modern literature, and every Socialist should be a trades unionist, or an honest sympathiser and supporter of trades union principles. The gradual, well organised, National Ownership of all the means of production, distribution and exchange in New Zealand, will be a comparatively simple task, and this is the National Party's goal. The private profit system has failed lamentably, and its votaries have no permanent substitute to offer. We advise every worker to support and read his own class papers and printed matter. Those who can afford to read both the Labour and Capitalist publications should do so, but on no account should they neglect their own class papers. During the present transition stage, we Strongly urge every worker to give the best page 40 service possible to his employers. This can and should be done without neglecting his own class interests in any way. Our best friends would advise us, for future safety, to become members of a firmly established Capitalist Trust. That, however, is impossible, but It is not impossible to become permanent shareholders in the People's New Zealand National Trust, which will, when established, assure every citizen against want, and the fear of want. Let us work "all for each and each for all and patiently "bear the burdens of the weak."

The people of New Zealand need good Independent-Labour Papers, modern economic education, agreement on essentials, thorough organisation and united use of the ballot.