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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79


page 26


(1)To demand a broader and more equitable democratic Electoral system, with large constituencies and an equitable quota.
(2)To make no further appointments to the Upper House. The Upper House to be abolished and a Law Amendments Committee to take its place, with power only to recommend.
(3)To make provision for the use of the Initiative, the Referendum and the Elective Executive.
(4)To give to Unionists unconditional preference of employment, and equal pay for equal service to both male and female workers.
(5)To increase employment by developing our iron and other raw materials, and by producing within New Zealand most of the goods now imported.
(6)To establish genuine reproductive Farms, also an up-to-date Competitive Factory or Works in each important industry, such as may be required for the purpose of checking extensive importation, increasing employment, the absorption of surplus labour, to stop adulteration and to regulate the wages paid and the prices charged to the consumers. The industries that have become monopolies, and those that are being lost to the State through importation, to receive first attention.page 27
(7)No further sale of Crown Lands. Lands purchased for closer settlement to be of good quality, easy of access, and to be subdivided into comparatively small holdings, long leasehold, reasonable rental and renewable tenure. All State tenants to be assured an absolute right to all their improvements should they wish to vacate their holdings.
(8)To establish a State Bank, with which the Postal Savings Bank shall be incorporated, also to establish a supplementary medium of exchange, consisting of a regulated Note issue declared a full legal tender with gold within New Zealand.
(9)To cease borrowing abroad excepting for renewal purposes, and the completion of works undertaken.
(10)To impose mainly, direct, graduated taxation, based upon incomes, death duties, and the unimproved and site value of all lands in city, town and country. The revenue derived from the State industrial undertakings to be used largely for pensions, State Factory Extension, etc.
(11)To compete for our ferry and coastal shipping, carry our own coals and also to take over all the express parcel business on our railroads.page 28
(12)To give full municipal and political rights to all public servants, and more extensive powers to municipalities, so that they may engage in distribution, trade, and the management of their own affairs.
(13)To make necessary provision for coastal defence, and the maintenance of an efficient citizen soldiery for the defence of New Zealand. The cost to be paid mainly by the property interests protected.
(14)To give medical inspection and dental treatment free to all school children. The State to provide cottage homes for all orphans and destitute children.
(15)To grant a pension to any citizen, regardless of age, who has resided in New Zealand over twenty years, and who for any good reason is found upon proper investigation to require a pension as a means for respectable living.
(16)To make available a liberal pension or annuity payable to the mother of each and every child who is cared for and educated, under, and up to the age of sixteen years, provided the parents are not in receipt of an income exceeding £200 per annum.
(17)To grant no further concessions, franchises, bonuses or subsidies to any private person or to any incorporated company doing business within New Zealand.