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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79



(A)Land: To enable, as may be determined by Parliament, the full use and occupation of all lands (unused European and Native lands included) based upon a renewable leasehold tenure and the gradual equipment of reproductive State farms.
(B)Industries: To move forward in accordance with the spirit and demands of the time in relation to the consolidation and extensive development of our industries and natural resources.
(c)Banking: To control, absolutely, our banking and medium of exchange, independent of foreign borrowing and the payment of excessive interest. Our own legal tender medium of exchange to be used largely in the payment of wages, local raw materials, etc.
(D)Taxation: To impose equitable taxation, mainly direct, and to admit practically free of duty all the necessaries required by the people that cannot be produced successfully in page 25 New Zealand; on the Other hand, to protect and regulate by State competition the manufacture of all commodities required by the people that can be produced successfully in New Zealand.
(E)Primary Producers: To supply our agriculturalists with farm implements, machinery, binder twine, manures, etc., at prices as low or lower than their competitors pay in the most favoured countries.
(F)Markets: To ensure extensive local markets (the best markets) and assist in securing profitable foreign markets for all surplus farm and other products.
(G)Liquor Traffic: To enable a majority of the people to pronounce decisively on the Liquor Traffic.
(H.)General: To maintain upon our Statute Books all the progressive legislation that has already been enacted, and to insist upon its sympathetic and proper administration.

To enact comprehensive measures, and establish such conditions as will foster and ensure equality of opportunity, also the moral, material and educational advancement and the general comfort and well-being of the whole people, based upon the gradual public ownership of all the means of production, distribution and exchange.