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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

New Zealand's Industries Stand First

New Zealand's Industries Stand First.

It is manifestly the duty, as well as the privilege of the citizens of every part of the Empire, to first develop their own natural resources, encourage and render stable their own industries, and thereby ensure progress, contentment and continuous remunerative employment for their own people, and then (and not before) to extend as much benefit as possible over the seas, by preferential duties or otherwise. An industry firmly established in page 11 New Zealand is infinitely better for New Zealand, and quite as beneficial to the "Empire" of which we form a part, as any similar industry would be, if located in England and supported by New Zealanders. Each and every part of the Empire should develop and control its own industries and natural resources. We now own, under State and Municipal Capitalism, subject to the bonded cost and the interest thereon, payable to the foreign money lenders:—
  • New Zealand's Railroads
  • Telegraphs
  • Telephones
  • Post Offices
  • Savings Banks
  • State Bank Partnership Funds
  • Life and Accident Insurance
  • State Fire Insurance
  • State Coal Mines and Depots
  • Public and Technical Schools
  • Public Trusts Office
  • Public and Endowment Lands
  • Public Buildings
  • Harbours and Lighthouses
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Parks, Gardens and Domains
  • Public Libraries
  • Water Works and Water Power
  • Tram Lines and Lighting Plants
  • Destructors and Abattoirs, etc.
page 12

It is proposed to establish, gradually, a system of self-supporting public enterprises, that will embrace all the means of life, also all that we need for use, pleasure and convenience, without, say, 90 per cent, of the people being compelled to pay the other 10 per cent., a special class privilege tax by way of private profits.