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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Labour Cannot Buy Her Surplus Products

page 19

Labour Cannot Buy Her Surplus Products.

When the demand for our surplus products is curtailed from any cause in foreign markets, the workers cannot buy from the employers any appreciable part of the surplus, as that is the time when employment is scarce and wages reduced. This is what capitalists call a "crisis, over-production, lack of confidence," etc., and the numerous, but untutored careless, toiling masses and their innocent wives and children suffer patiently all the torment of the private profit system, till the glutted warehouses have been emptied and "confidence" restored. After another helter-skelter season of prosperous times for the profit-takers, made possible by labour working for a bare livelihood, the same farce is repeated again. We may ask with wonderment how long will it take 90 per cent. of the people to discover that their united votes are worth more at the ballot box than the remaining 10 per cent. that represents their oppressors?