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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Evolutionary Advancement

Evolutionary Advancement.

1.The individual in business.
2.A partnership.
3.A share company.
4.Several share companies combined.
5.A private trust controlling raw materials, machinery, wages, conditions, output, distribution, prices and profits.
6.The next step must necessarily be the public ownership of every important industry, embracing all connected with each branch, and conducted in the interests of the whole people. The State to control wages and conditions for the workers and quality and prices for the consumers.

How Wages, Conditions, Importatation, Quality and Prices may be effectually regulated by active State Competition.

The most direct, simple and surest way to regulate and control wages, surplus labour, conditions, and the prices charged to the consumers, is for the Government, the people, to gradually purchase the monopolies and the Trusts outright (when possible), and conduct them in the interests of the whole people.

If unable to purchase the monopolies satisfactorily, then the Government must page 10 establish genuine, up-to-date Competitive Plants or Works, such as will enable the people, in self-defence, to obtain their own through State competition. There is no country where the consumers or users pay more, or indeed as much, for imported goods, or for goods manufactured locally, as in Australia and New Zealand. If the separate, obsolete and useless competitive factories (they are not all useless or obsolete) now found in each branch of production were consolidated, and modern machinery and methods were introduced, and the goods that could and should be manufactured in New Zealand, were actually produced locally, instead of being imported, at least one-third more people would be profitably employed, and the number and the revenue from numbers would increase year by year.