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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

A New Emancipation Movement

A New Emancipation Movement

to free the great mass of mankind from industrial slavery, to get the landowners, and the monopolists generally, off the people's backs. Merely to make their slavery more bearable will do no permanent good.

Is the Church unable or unwilling to lend a hand in denouncing this monster of iniquity which, like a canker, is eating the heart out of our civilisation? The prophets of old time would have done so. Cannot you imagine them calling out: "Woe unto you, ye monopolists of God's earth ! Woe unto you, ye exploiters of the poor!"

If the Church in its corporate capacity is unable to take any action, surely this is the work of Church members who have imbibed the Master's spirit, and who have learnt the Master's teaching. To all such I make an earnest appeal to come over and help us.

Knowledge is the first essential to reform. I appeal to every Christian man and woman to study the arguments of those who contend that the private appropriation of rent is the main cause of the anarchy and chaos which abounds to-day; nay, more, that it is the main obstacle to the coming of the kingdom. You must know that most of the men who make this claim are men of at least average ability, that they are men of probity, and that they have made a study of the subject whereon they speak. [unclear: W] you not also study the subject and [unclear: b] to solve the problem? Not to [unclear: solve] and solve it rightly and quickly, [unclear: me] death to society. I

Revolution is in the air. It is [unclear: be] proclaimed throughout this fair land, [unclear: s] throughout every other so-called [unclear: civi] land. In the memoirs of Sully we [unclear: f] this statement: "The revolutions [unclear: t] come to pass in great states are [unclear: not] result of chance or of popular [unclear: cap] . . . As for the populace, it is [unclear: re] from a passion for attack that it [unclear: reb] but from impatience of suffering." [unclear: T] words were true when Sully wrote [unclear: th] they are true to-day.

Think, then, how near to [unclear: revon] we were in this country only a [unclear: f] months ago, and how close to [unclear: revon] they have been in other parts [unclear: of] world within the past year or two. [unclear: T] remember that "Force is no [unclear: remedy] that "Nothing is ever settled until [unclear: it] settled right." Although force is [unclear: ne] sary to suppress a riotous mob, [unclear: and] though force may appear for a [unclear: time] suppress an industrial upheaval, [unclear: notice]