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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Intensive Agriculture and Demonstration Farms

Intensive Agriculture and Demonstration Farms.

We have many examples in other countries of what seem almost fabulous returns per acre obtained by special methods of raising crops and feeding stock. It should be the duty of our Agricultural Department to bring these improved systems of agriculture and horticulture in a visible form under the notice of the younger generation of our rural and suburban population, so that they may see, mark, learn and practically take advantage of the experience and knowledge of others. The influence of ocular demonstration upon farming practice is many times more effective than printed, or even verbal, instruction without actual examples to prove the soundness of the teaching. For this reason I have always contended that properly-conducted demonstration farms achieve a much greater practical effect in raising the general standard of agricultural work and results in a farming community than can be hoped for from the influence of lectures, however good, at an ordinary agricultural college.

I therefore believe it to be a matter of great public satisfaction that we have established in this country such highly useful institutions as the State Farms of Demonstration and Instruction at Ruakura, Momahaki, Waerenga and Were-roa. I believe they are all doing most valuable work, directly and in-directly, for the improvement of agriculture and agricultural education in New Zealand. It must, of course, be understood that in the term agriculture I include horticulture, and the breeding and management of dairy and other farm stock, as well as apiculture and poultry farming.