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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

How to Show that Good Farming Pays

How to Show that Good Farming Pays.

A visit to a demonstration farm run on these principles, with someone to explain the why and the wherefore of the things he sees, will teach the aver-age young farmer who wishes to learn more than he would gather of practical knowledge from a six months' course of lectures at the usual typo of agricultural college. Not but what the courses of study at these agricultural academies have their value, when properly used by those students most fitted to profit by them. But it must be remembered that the great bulk of the young men who "go on the land" are not, and never will be, students, properly so called. To them theoretical book-learning is anathema, and the knowledge thus acquired mere words, with no actual connection which they can perceive with the everyday work upon a farm. What they require to make them improve their farming practice is ocular evidence in pastures, crops and stock of what can be done by a knowledge of first principles, and the carrying out of these principles by businesslike methods. Above all, they must be shown that good farming will pay. In fact any system of farming which cannot he shown to be payable is not good farming from the economic point of view, which is the only on worth considering in connection with national industries.