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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

General Cultural Value of Waerenga Demonstrated

General Cultural Value of Waerenga Demonstrated.

It has, moreover, been proved that this land will not only grow fruit, but that with reasonable drainage and thorough working it can be brought into a fit state for permanent pasture. Also, in a harvested crop of oats which we saw in stack there was undoubted evidence that good crops of oats can be grown on this soil with no more than an ordinary dressing of manure, such as any good farmer would use upon average Waikato land. The straw was satisfactory, and the crop was well headed. As regards pasture. Waerenga is not, of course, a rye-grass country, but cocksfoot and paspalum, and several other grasses will hold, and with a proportion of clover make very fair pasture. We were surprised to observe how well the red clover and cow-grass were showing up in many parts. The paspalum in one paddock had fairly taken possession and formed a capital thick sole of grass, which during the summer, at all events, was capable of carrying a fair average amount of stock per acre.