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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

God Bless you all

God Bless you all.

In conclusion I ask you to think of these few words. Do you ever think of the great personal God that you have enthroned up in the heavens or sky above you? Do you ever think that you represent Him, and your wife represents the mother of God? If by marrying you have produced gods and goddesses, you have created gold and goddesses. What a power you have, and most of you are blind to this fact, yet according to the doctrine of the Christian religion it is a plain fact, and one you should be proud of.

Does it ever occur to you the terrible and crushing power you have over the animal life on this planet? The early New Zealand emigrant of 60 years ago knows the amount of animal life on the prairies of the South Island, also the animal life in the North Island bush. What do we see now: The South Island prairies covered with cattle, sheep and horses; the North Island bush partly felled and burned, and also covered with sheep and dairy herds Take the fish that stock our sea coast, our rivers and lakes. Look also at the fowl; of the air. Man—man increased all these a thousand-fold. Just pause and think of your power over animal life for life or death. And ask yourselves, '"What power have you over the gold sovereign that exchanges all these commodities between yourselves and other nations?" None. Worse than all your wife and children may be suffering continually, or perhaps dying a lingering death, because you have no power to increase the currency of your country. Yet you have dumped these innocent children down on this earth to take [unclear: pot-] luck as far as you care. Your children are born to hereditary ills, but the worst ill of all is being born to poverty and our ever-increasing interest on a debt of £80,000,000.

W. B. Young.

Wright and Carman, Printers, 146 Featherston St., Wgtn.