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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 79

Secular Education Defence League

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Secular Education Defence League


The object of the League is to maintain a purely secular system of education in the State schools of the Dominion.


The League proposes to attain its object by:

  • (a) Educating public opinion in the principles of the League.
  • (b) Securing the co-operation of societies formed from the same purpose.
  • (c) Defending teachers when their position is [unclear: unjust] rendered insecure by reason of religions difference or sectarian influence.


Anyone can become a member of the League by paying minimum annual subscription of one shilling.

The League's Affirmations.

The League affirms:—
(1)That it will resist any attempt to interfere with purely secular system of State education.
(2)That in matters of religion strict neutrality is the only just attitude that a State can assume towards its citizens.
(3)That to introduce any form of religions instruction into our State system of education would be [unclear: d] mental to the best interests of the schools, [unclear: leai] to sectarian strife among the children, and [unclear: imp] ing a religious test upon the teachers.
(4)That to determine the question of religious [unclear: ins] tion, or Bible-reading, in schools by means of referendum would be absolutely subversive of neutrality of the State in matters of religion.
(5)That the Nelson system, even if it be with in letter of the Education Act, is an ingenious [unclear: eva] of its real spirit and intent, and that the [unclear: Le] will oppose this innovation.
(6)That the League is strongly opposed to the [unclear: intro] tion of the New South Wales text-book in to State schools of the Dominion.

Officers Of The League.

President: John Gammell, Esq., B.A., Seatonn [unclear: heigh] Wellington.

Secretaries: Dr. T. A. Black and Henry Joosten. Wellington.

Treasurer: Professor Mackenzie. Wellington.