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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 78

Australian Confirmation

Australian Confirmation.

Now, Dr Lindo Ferguson spoke as [unclear: pa] sident of his section at the Congress, and his conclusions were heartily endorsed by his Australian confreres. Specialists from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc., concurred in denouncing the dangers of [unclear: the] universal and unnecessary cramming which prevailed throughout the various colonies They deplored the direct results, manifested in connection with the eye, which came under their own notice as [unclear: oculises] and Dr Lock hart Gibson, of Brisbane, said:

What was learnt under a system of overstrain was little, if any, use. . . Knowledge might be gained and retained for a while, but it was not wisdom, and could not last. A friend of his once wittily described, the ultimate or examination result of cramming boys and girls with book lore as a process of "cerebed vomiting," which was appropriate, [unclear: inas] much as knowledge so ingested was [unclear: is] variably got rid of as effectually as it It had never been acquired.

Due weight should be attached to the scientific opinions of Dr Lockhart Gibson not merely as the leading oculist in Queens land, but as a man of the broadest [unclear: scien] tific attainments, and formerly [unclear: senior] assistant physiologist at Edinburgh [unclear: Uni] versity. The compliment he paw to [unclear: Dr.] Ferguson's paper applied equally to [unclear: hi] own remarks: "It was the kind of [unclear: paper] which tended to confirm Dr Rossi's [unclear: defin] tion of a modern specialist—' a man [unclear: wh] has a special knowledge in his own de- page 31 partment, and who is a complete clinician in the whole field of medicine and surgery,'"