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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 78

—Our Present University System—

—Our Present University System—

as the degradation—I had almost written the prostitution—of learning. Young men and young women don't study now from the love of knowledge, or the desire of cultivating their minds, the holy craving to become wise, but from the ambition to write B.A. or M.A. at the end of their names by passing a series of examinations. And they have their reward; they gain the distinction they cover, but remain almost as destitute of wisdom as they were before. Wisdom is not to be wooed in that way. A scanty knowledge of many subjects, and these for the most part of the useless order, is of no real worth to anybody, and that is all that our present university course provides, at all events in the arts course. Our University should offer only deep draughts to its students, and those only to men who are thirsty for them, and its alumni should show their attainments [unclear: m] y passing examinations or writing [unclear: s] ters at the end of their names, [unclear: b] by the good work they do and the [unclear: h] position they take in their subsequent [unclear: liv] A little while ago we were told of [unclear: f] terrible hardship under which [unclear: theolog] students labored in this colony throgh [unclear: t] inability to take divinity degrees here [unclear: T] could not help thinking at the time: [unclear: t] them show the sacred erudition they [unclear: h] acquired at college by the high order of [unclear: t] sermons they preach, and their [unclear: cong-] tions will honor them infinitely more [unclear: th] they were empowered to write the [unclear: w] alphabet at the end of their names.