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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 78

What University Authorities Say. — Professor Sale's Condemnation

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What University Authorities Say.

Professor Sale's Condemnation.

Professor Sale, when approached by a Star' representative, said that, in view of the probability of Dr Truby King giving another lecture, he would prefer to postpone any expression of opinion or: his part. In A subsequent chat, however, it was made evident that the professor is entirely in sympathy with Dr King's pronouncement. Many years ago he himself gave a lecture on similar lines and arrived at like conclusions. "I told the people then," said the professor, "that if I had a son (I had no children at that time) I would rather that he was not educated at all than that he should be crammed up in the way that was common in the schools even in those days." Professor Sale looks upon the multiplication of intermediate examinations as a sort of persecution. In his own work he holds only a final. Frequently during the session the work is reviewed, but this, as the professor put it, is more of a talk than an examination. When he first came to the University there was a proposal to have monthly examinations, but he opposed it. As to another phase of the matter, he says that he feels bound to classify his students by reference to their performances at the final examination; but when it comes to recommending one of them for any position he judges not from what they have done at any particular test, but from what he remembers of their work during the year. Obviously, he thinks, this is the sane way of gauging merit. He even goes so far as to say that he believes the old system of examining a man for a degree on two subjects—say, mathematics and classics—was the best. There are, he thinks, far too many scraps of knowledge in the modern system.