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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 78

Section VI—Other Authorities—

Section VI—Other Authorities—

Dr Almond, of Loretto—Modern Education Irrational and Unscientific-Neglect of Essentials for Healthy Development—Sin of Depriving Youth of Air and Exercise by Way of Imposition—Dwarfing Effects of Cram and Examinations—School Regime Should Render Pupils Practically Germ Proof—True Reform in Education the Next Advance in Civilisation 75
Thring—Appreciation of Games and Recreation—Cram the Great Evil—"No Superstition More Fatal than Cult of Examiner" 77
Dr Murray-Butler—True Education Not Limited to Mental Acquirements 78
Recent Reforms in French Secondary Education—Report of New South Wales Commission—More Time for Physical Exercises 78
Herbert Spencer—Cram and Neglect of Body 79
Mrs Earle—On Boys, Girls, Marriage, and Herbert Spencer 81
Latest Available Pronouncements
Extracts from 'Journal of Education' 82
Extract from 'Spectator' 83
'Overstrain in Schools,' by Robert Lee 84
'The Training of the Human Plant,' by Luther Burbank 84
'Health and Education,' by T. C. Horsfall 86
'Education of Women,' by Wm. L. Felter 88
Examinations—Fatigue—Claims of Physique