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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 78

Section IV.—Dr King's Reply—

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Section IV.—Dr King's Reply—

Evils of Cram—Professor Rain—Defective Hygiene in Schools 22
Measurement of Pupils 23
Fallacy I.—Dr King's Arguments Based Not on Special Cases but on Broad Scientific Basis 25
Dr Lindo Ferguson's Testimony to Frequency of Nervous Break-down and Eye Trouble in School Children, Especially Girls 25
History of the Boy Quoted as Extreme Example of Breakdown—Sir James Crichton Brown Quoted—Dr Woods-Hutchinson—Value of Play 25
Opinion of Mr C. C. Cottrill—Julian Hawthorne—Disregard of Games at High Schools 26
Fallacy II.—Mr Wilson assumes that Asylum Records Would Show Extent of Injury Caused by Over-pressure 27
Faulty Hygiene Most Harmful to the Growing Youth of Both Sexes—Mr Horsfall 27
Summary of Dr Ferguson's Paper—Press Criticisms and Support 28
Dr Clouston Quoted—Plato 31
"Neurasthenia," by Dr G. Ballet and Dr Proust—The Fallibility of Statistics 31
No Cases of Insanity Should Occur in Youth—Insanity a Disease of Maturity—Signs of Distress—Responsibility of Teachers and Parents 32
Physiological Aspect of Over-pressure—Example Taken from Engineer—"M'Andrew's Hymn" 34
Signs of Breakdown—Teachers and Parents—Teachers' Rights 35
Imposition of Burdens—Limits of Elasticity—Duty of Inquiry—W. K. Clifford 36
Comparative Statistics—Dr Clouston Quoted—Cases of Breakdown Not All Reported 38
Free Scholars at High Schools—Letter from School-master 39
Fallacy III.—The Fallacy of Heredity—Tendency is to Reproduce the Normal—Clouston—When Laws of Life Set at Naught Break-down Natural—R. L. Stevenson on Over-zealous Student—History of High School Girl by Herself—Two Other Cases 40
On the Education of Women—Quotations from Monsieur Guyan—Sir J. Crichton Browne—Dr Clouston—Nancy Stair 42
Lecture at Froebel Club Against Misdirected Education of Girls—Mr Wilson's Own Pronouncements Support Thesis 45
Why Does he Not Support Reform?—Holidays Even When Well Spent Do Not Make Up for Faulty System of Education-Long Hours of Work at High Schools—Limit of Time for Home Lessons 46
Fallacy IV.—That Faculty of Memory May be Cultivated and Improved by Extreme Amount of Memorising at School—Meaning of Cultivation 48
Criticism of Mr Wilson's Paragraph on Memory—Cultivate Memory, but Don't Cram It—Not Only is True Cultivation of Memory Neglected, but Cultivation of Mind as a Whole 48
Quotation from Guyan's 'Education and Heredity'—Spencer—Jules Simon 50
Proposed Fundamental Reforms 51