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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 78

Lofty Ideals for High Schools

Lofty Ideals for High Schools.

In conclusion, let me appeal more especially to woman to aid in reconstructing a sane and wholesome ideal for woman. Let me urge her to exercise her wide influence in the making of a proper course of study for the high school girl and the college girl. Let her enlist in the new cause of working out the new humanistic or liberal education which the old college claimed to stand for, and which now needs comple reconstruction to meet the demands of modern life. . . . The work in high schools and academies—the colleges of the people—is in peril, and she can aid in the rescue. If we have made a mistake in the past in placing the emphasis upon mental superiority, let us change our notion and give to the development in altruism a superior place. Perhaps our democracy has been of too strenuous a variety in insisting upon equal rights for all in the realm of intellect I as we'l as of politics. Woman has been caught in the maelstrom, and there has been danger of her destruction, and with her the great ideals which have stimulated her in the past. No exception to the general laws of evolution has been made in favor of woman, and she will come into her estate only when she recognises the nature of her high idea! and then strives zealously to realise it.*