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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 76

Beginning of the Temperance Movement in Dundee

Beginning of the Temperance Movement in Dundee.

In Scotland the beginning of a movement in favour of temperance had been made, and a Dundee carter named William Cruikshanks gave eloquent lectures on the subject; but be was derided as a fanatic, and whisky reigned supreme. Payment of wages and engagements were made at public-houses, small services were repaid by glasses of whisky, hard drinkers being regarded as good fellows by all classes of our countrymen. The religious teaching of the period was mostly Calvinistic, and the severe denunciations made by ministers seemed to make seamen reckless; for, although generally well behaved on Sundays when at home, they usually spent their leave ashore when abroad in drinking and dancing houses, not a good school for young lads beginning life away from friends and relatives. But even then there were some good, religious-minded men page 10 commanding vessels in the Baltic trade—one in particular, Captain David Jack, who set an excellent example, and looked after the men and boys under his care. He was much respected, lived to a great age, and had the honour of a public funeral.