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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 76

Bonus No. 1

Bonus No. 1.

A Bonus of £1,750 is offered for a machine or process for dressing New Zealand hemp (Phormium tenax) which shall be an improvement on the machines or processes now in use, and which shall, after trial, be found to materially reduce the cost of production, improve the product, or increase the quantity of dressed fibre.

The following are the conditions:—
1.All applications for the bonus must be sent addressed to the Hon. the Minister for Agriculture, Wellington, and must reach him not later than the 31st March, 1897. Each application must be accompanied by a description of the machine or process, particularly stating improvements on present machines or processes, and also the cost at which the machine or process can be supplied.
2.The applicants must be prepared to submit their machines or processes to examination at such time and place as the Government may direct.
3.The Government shall appoint a committee of three or more experts, to whom all applications shall be submitted. Such committee shall, after perusal, state what machines or processes they deem worthy of consideration, and may inspect the same at any place within the colony; and, having so inspected the whole or any of them, may direct that the whole or any of them be brought for further trial to such place as they may think fit.

The cost of bringing the machines or appliances on to the ground, from within the colony, supplying the necessary shafting, motive-power, and buildings, to be defrayed by the Government. If any machine sent from beyond the colony is awarded the bonus or part thereof, then the cost of bringing such machine shall be borne by the Government.

The following shall be the basis of the test:—

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The committee shall supply a sufficient and equal quantity of green hemp to each machine or process as a test.

The committee shall take into consideration—
  • The time occupied by each machine or process in the operation;
  • The cost of labour and time required after the fibre has left the machine or process before it is ready for baling;
  • The percentage of dressed fibre and tow produced by each machine or process;
  • The cost of producing the same;
  • The cost of the machine, and the simplicity and durability of the working parts.
On completion of the tests the committee shall furnish a report to the Minister on all the machines or processes which they have examined or tested, and shall state,—
(1.)The machine or process which they consider on the whole the most efficient and economic.
(2.)Whether they consider that any machine or process tested so materially reduces the cost of production, or improves the product, as to be worthy of the whole bonus or of a part only.
(3.)Whether, in the event of no one machine or process being entitled to the whole bonus, they deem any machine or process] worthy of a part of the bonus, and, if so, how much.