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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 76

Starborough Estate, Marlborough

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Starborough Estate, Marlborough.

The Starborough Estate is situated on the southern bank of the Awatere River, about eighteen miles from Blenheim, and is intersected by the main road from Blenheim to Kaikoura. The lower portion of the property is also conveniently accessible by the new road through the Redwood Pass, the distance from Blenheim being about sixteen miles.

The Blenheim—Awatere Railway, now in course of construction, will shortly be open for traffic as far as the Township of Seddon, near the Starborough Homestead.

With the exception of the four small grazing-runs, where the hills rise to an altitude of 2,600 ft., the land in Starborough includes a large area of good flats, terraces, and rolling downs, ranging from 100 ft. to 1,000 ft. above sea-level.

The soil is generally of excellent quality, from light and stony in parts to good alluvial loam resting on papa.

A large portion of the estate has been cultivated and cropped, and is now laid down in English grass. The land is in good heart and well grassed, and no rabbits are to be seen.

The lower part of the estate is most conveniently visited from Blenheim by the Redwood Pass Road, and by fording the Awatere opposite Mr. Allen's house.

A coach from Blenheim to Kaikoura leaves Blenheim every Monday morning at 7 a.m.

The same coach returns from Kaikoura every Thursday, arriving at Starborough on Friday afternoon.

There is accommodation at Awatere on the left bank of the river, and at Blind River, where meals and beds can be obtained.

Riding horses can generally be hired at the station. Wheeled vehicles can be taken viâ Taylor Pass, the Awatere Ford, and present main road across the estate, also by the Redwood Pass page 4 and new road over Starborough and Blind River Estate, crossing the Awatere at the ford, which can be recognised by the cutting on the right bank. At present the cutting down the terrace or the left or Blenheim bank is nearly opposite Mr. Allen's house.

The whole of the estate is surrounded by wire-netting fences, and is also subdivided by plain wire fences, which [unclear: in] some cases form the boundaries of the subdivisions. There [unclear: are] several good plantations of gums and pines, but, with the [unclear: exception] of these, there is no timber for building or fencing [unclear: purposes], or for firewood.

The sections have been laid out with a view to supply [unclear: water] to as many holdings as possible from the existing springs [unclear: and] dams. On some sections it will, however, be necessary [unclear: to] construct dams until some scheme is devised for bringing [unclear: water] from the Awatere River.

One thousand and eighteen acres of Starborough [unclear: Estate] adjoining Section 2, Block X., Clifford Bay District ([unclear: Homestead] Block), is now being subdivided into sections ranging from [unclear: 51] acres to 100 acres. The Township of Seddon is also [unclear: being] surveyed. These lands will be put in the market at an early date. The whole estate last year carried 32,350 half-bred [unclear: Lincoln]-merino sheep.

Successful applicants for sections and small grazing-runs [unclear: in] this settlement can take possession on the 1st day of [unclear: April,] 1899.

Detailed descriptions of each section for disposal on lease [unclear: in] perpetuity will be found on pages 9 to 15.

Detailed descriptions of each small grazing-run will be [unclear: found] on pages 15 and 16.

Terms and conditions of lease in perpetuity will be found [unclear: on] pages 16 to 24.

Terms and conditions of small grazing-runs will be found [unclear: on] pages 25 to 32.

Schedules of sections, areas, and half-yearly rentals will [unclear: be] found on pages 7 and 8.

For large scale map of Starborough Settlement, see [unclear: Marl]-borough Land District poster map No. 101.

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Blind River, at foot of Haldon Mountains.

Blind River, at foot of Haldon Mountains.