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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 75

The Ancient People of Waikake-moana

page 26

The Ancient People of Waikake-moana.

In the days of old, long before the time of Mura-kareke and Tuhoe-potiki—who lived eighteen generations ago—an ancient tribe known as Te Tauira, held all these lands of Waikare and far away to Waiau and Te Wairoa and Ruakituri.* These people were descended from Te Tini-o-Maru, a still more ancient tribe, and which sprang from the god Maru. And Te Tini-o-Tauira occupied these lands many generations before the arrival of Mata-atua (canoe or even of Horouta (canoe) from Hawaiki.

We do not know the history of that old, old race, but merely retain a few legends concerning them and their doings. But it was far back in the ages of darkness when Maahu and his people Iived in this land, for he and others of his time were atua (gods) thai selves, and held strange powers. There were other great chiefs also of Te Tauira who abode here. There was Manaia, who swam across the Sea of Wairau, and Tama, or Rongo-tama, from whom the ancient fort Nga Whatu-a-Tama is named, and Hau, and Rua, and Paka, with other semi-atua of the distant past.

Now, Maahu must have lived many generations ago, for did he not engage in combat with Haere, the rainbow god, and each destroyed the other by supernatural powers?

* Rivers flowing into Hawke's Bay.

Hau, of Te Tauira.

Mu Rua Tams Irakewa = Weka Ruapani Toroa 20 generations to Hurae Puketapu, of Ngati-Ruapani, now living. 19 generations to Koro-amoamo, of Ngati-Pukeko, now living.