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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 74

Fanaticism—or Logic ?

Fanaticism—or Logic ?

Much of what I have said will, of course, sound strange and [unclear: vio] the moderate drinker, but I would ask him in conclusion not to [unclear: lay] page 23 fattering unction" to his soul that not his trespass but my fanaticism speaks If it be fanatical to test by the plain rules of logic the bearings of Christ's teaching upon modern life, then we are all of us fanatics in so for we are consistent Christians, and we should glory in the charge. But as the term is really used to imply obedience to strong and blind emotion, unchecked by reason, then I can confidently ask,—Where is the logical gap in my argument that emotion has been asked to bridge over? Though theoutraged feelings of the moderate drinker may suggest the existence of such a flaw, I defy his reason to point it out My error has rather been of an opposite kind. In remorselessly following the line of strict logic I have perhapes allowed too slight a seasoning of mercy to temper the justice of my agument. This concession to the modorate drinker I could the more easily make because be cannot take advantage of it without surrendering his whole position; yet I have repeatedly insisted that his cruelty springs from thoughlessness and not from deliberate purpose. It is only his scriptural [unclear: that] rouses me to real intolerance.