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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 73

Testimonials — As to the Value of the Baths

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As to the Value of the Baths.


J. P. Hickey, Whitford, writes:—"Derived great benefit from Nos. 2 and 3 Baths, before I left I jumped 4ft. 3in. long jump. Could not jump 6in when I came here."

E. J. Care, Auckland, writes:—"Cured of rheumatism and indigestion in 4 weeks at Te Aroha. I was 3 weeks at Rotorua, but received no benefit."

A. H. Nelson, M.L.C., Queensland. March, 1891.—"Enjoyed a week at these Baths. Found great benefit to liver and kidneys; especially for the drinking of the water in the Kiosk."

A. M. Donald, Auckland.—"Very severe case of acute rheumatism could not walk without crutches, and legs much swollen. Complete cure in three weeks by use of No. 2 Bath."

I. Hunter, Melbourne.—"Came to Te Aroha broken in health and spirits, and am leaving well and happy."

P. F. Bruen, M.D., Westport.—"Arrived at Te Aroha in a very feeble state; general debility and muscular rheumatism of the worst type. I leave vary greatly improved in every respect."

Rev. Jas. Cameron, Sydney.—"I have now been one month at Te Aroha. I have bathed morning and evening, and drunk three or four jugs of water daily. During the first week a long standing cough and pain in the chest, both the result of an attack of pleurisy, entirely left me. Before coming here my stomach and liver were much deranged, digestion bad, and appetite very poor. I now eat largely, regularly, and with relish, and am now fully recovered from all my ailments."

Malcolm M. Irving, Newcastle, N.S.W.—"These baths are as good as any of a similar chemical nature in Europe, and only require to bo known to become frequented by residents in Australia and travellers from Europe. The hotels are superior in every way to any in N.S.W., and charges very moderate."