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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 73

School Children's Work Department

School Children's Work Department

Public Schools—That Standards IV. V. and VI. be asked to exhibit. All exhibits in these Standards to be certified by the teacher as the Standard work of the pupil during the past twelvemonths. Feather stitching allowed. Seventh Standard to exhibit any variety of garments, no two alike.

Entrance Fee 1d, only for each Exhibitor.

Open Class for Public Schools only—To include work in any variety but no two exhibits alike, this to apply to each section.—Section 1—Drawn. Thread Work. 2—Cross Stitch. 3—Samplers. 4—Patching. 5—Darning. 6—Knitting. 7—Hem Stitching. 8—Freehand Drawing.

Entrance Fee of 1d. only to be paid by each exhibitor In open classes.

All Entries of Exhibits and in Musical Competition, with name, age and address, with fees, to be sent to the Hon. Secretary, 157, Manchester Street, on or before Tuesday, 10th September.

Conditions.—Competent judges will be appointed in all classes, their decision to be final. No exhibits to be removed without the Committee's consent. The greatest care will be taken of all entries, but no responsibility. In all classes under sixteen, name, age, and address of each exhibitor to be given. Above that age name and address only. Prize List and time for sending in exhibits, will be published in daily papers.

The Committee invites the co-operation of all teachers, parents, and others interested in the training of the young, feeling sure that the Exhibition itself, and the preparation for it must have-a high educational value.

James Bowlker, Hon. Sec. Children's Work Committee, 157, Manchester Street.

T. G. Strange, Secretary Industrial Exhibition, 157, Manchester Street.