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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 73

Annual Reports. — Dunedin Branch

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Annual Reports.

Dunedin Branch.


President, W. A. Patterson, Esq; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer J. A. Johnson, Esq., M.A.; Representative on Committee of Management, W. A. Paterson, Esq.

The Committee of the Dunedin Branch has the honour to present the Annual Report for the year 1894-95.

During the session the following syllabus of work was carried out:—
Aug. 4—"Ambulance" Mr. A. Matthews.
Sept. 1—"The Teaching of the Blind" Mr. W. A. Paterson.
Oct. 6—A discussion on "Classification of Schools and Appointments" Opened by Mr. W. Davidson.
Nov. 3—"A Colonial Scheme of Salaries" Mr. W. J. Moore.
Mar. 2—"Shakespeare—his Life, Genius, and Personality" Prof. Gilray.
Apr. 6—"Phonography" Mr. J. M. E. Garrow.
May 4—"Sanitation" Mr. G. Balsille.
A special meeting was held on 4th December, 1894, to discuss a classification scheme, proposed by Mr. M. Cohen, when the following motion was passed, embodying objections to Mr. Cohen's proposal:—

"Inasmuch as under the proposed 'Classification of Schools and Positions' and 'Re-arrangement of Salaries,' the page 10 salaries of a large number of teachers are so seriously affected as to produce a very widespread dissatisfaction, the staffing of several large schools is so altered as to disorganise the work, and such a radical change is made in the qualification for promotion as to cause very great discouragement to a large body of the teachers, the Board be respectfully asked to postpone decision with regard to the classification scheme at present before it. so that all teachers may have an opportunity of considering the provisions of the scheme."

The Branch has a membership of 66, being an increase of 4 on that of last year. While the membership has increased, the average attendance has decreased. Last year it stood at 18: this year it has dropped to 17. This excludes the attendance at the special meeting, when there were present 71 teachers.

The thanks of the Branch are due to the Press for full and regular reports of the meetings.

The Balance Sheet shows a credit of £1 7s. 6d.

List of Members.

  • Miss Alexander, Kaikorai School
  • Miss Anderson, High Street
  • Miss J. Black, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. Ballantyne, Normal School
  • Prof. Black, University
  • Mr. R. J. Barrett, Arthur Street School
  • Mr. G. Balsille, Sandymount School
  • Dr. Chilton, Port Chalmers School
  • Miss J. Cairns, High Street School
  • Miss J. Campbell, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. W. Davidson, Waitati School
  • Mr. W. G. Don, Caversham School
  • Mr. J. R. Don, Normal School
  • Mr. W. Eudey, Kensington School
  • Mr. H. Fisher, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. J. L. Ferguson, Albany Street School
  • Mr. J. A. Fitzgerald, N. E. Valley School
  • Mr. W. S. Fitzgerald, Inspector Miss Fitzgerald, Normal School
  • Mr. W. Grey, George Street School
  • Mr. J. Garrow, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. J. Horsburgh, GeorgeStreet School
  • Miss Hooper, Kensington School
  • Mr. R. Huie, Waikouaiti School
  • Mr. Mr. J. A. Johnson, Normal Schoolpage 11
  • Mr. W. Jeffery, Anderson's Bay School
  • Mr. C. O. Lillie, N. E. Valley School
  • Miss Little, Ravensbourne School
  • Mr. L. A. Line, Union Street School
  • Miss Murray, Port Chalmers School
  • Mr. W. Milne, Caversham School
  • Mr. A. Mathews, Union Street School
  • Mr. J. A. McNickle, Albany Street School
  • Mr. D. McNicoll, George Street School
  • Mr. W. J. Moore, Kensington School
  • Mr. J. McDonald, Macandrew Road School
  • Mr. C. Mahoney, Pine Hill School
  • Mr. D. Murray, N. E. Valley School
  • Mr. J. Nelson, Saddle Hill School
  • Mr. W. A. Paterson, Waikari School
  • Mr. J. Rennie, Port Chalmers School
  • Miss Renfrew, Forbury School
  • Miss Rutherford, Caversham School
  • Mr. J. Robertson. High Street School
  • Mr. J. Rutherford, Kensington School
  • Mr. Reid, Ravensbourne School
  • Mr. J. W. Smith, High Street School
  • Mr. A. Sligo, George Street School
  • Sir R. Stout, Wellington
  • Prof. Shand, University
  • Mr. A Stewart, Union Street School
  • Prof. Scott, University
  • Mr. Southwick, St. Leonards' School
  • Mr. G. Simmers, Ashburton High School
  • Mr. G. M. Thomson, High School
  • Mr. W.Thomson, Albany Street School
  • Miss Turnbull, George Street School
  • Mr. J. S. Tennant, High Street School
  • Mr. R. G. Whetter, Forbury School
  • Mr. A. Wilson, Girls' High School
  • Miss Wilson, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. D. White, Normal School
  • Miss White, Union Street School
  • Miss M. Walker, Macandrew Road School
  • Mr. C. Young, Caversham School
  • Mr. A. W. Tyndall, Blue Spur School

J. A. Johnson

, Secretary.